Mooditude, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Mooditude, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Mooditude, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Established In: Mar 2018
No. of Employees: 10

About Mooditude Pakistan

  • Mooditude is a data-driven program for depression and anxiety

    How Mooditude Works

    Mooditude features Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), the gold standard of talk therapy, combined with goals, routines, guided journaling, mood tracking and clinically-developed courses into a comprehensive solution.

    This solution is based on three evidence-based facts:


    You have the power to change your life

    Anxiety, depression and stress may seem overwhelming. Did you know that you can change the way you feel by changing the way you think?

    Record your thoughts, discover your common thought distortions and use CBT exercises to face them head-on.


    You do not need to do it alone

    It isn't easy to trust another person with your deeply stored emotions can be a barrier to self-discovery.

    Mooditude offers dozens of programs developed by psychiatrists which allow you to explore issues privately and at your own pace.


    You can maintain your progress

    Happiness is more than a feeling - it's a skill you can learn and maintain.

    Life has its ups and downs, but armed with Mooditude tools and habits, you can overcome any challenges.

    Is Mooditude Right For You?

    There is no one-size fits all solution to mental health and wellness. So many factors can lead to depression, stress, and anxiety. We designed Mooditude for you to address many types of problems, including...


    I love my partner but something is missing


    No one understands
    or cares how I feel

    Losing Someone

    I feel overcome with
    grief and loss

    Money Stress

    My financial burdens are overwhelming


    I’m dependent on drugs and alcohol to relieve stress


    I worry about or avoid dealing with traumatic experiences

    Work & Career

    I’m constantly stressed about work responsibilities


    I struggle with managing my time and completing tasks

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