Dpl (Pvt) Ltd., Islamabad, Pakistan

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Islamabad, Islamabad capital territory, Pakistan
Established In: Dec 2012
No. of Employees: 45
Website: www.dplit.com
  • About Dpl (Pvt) Ltd.

    Founded in 2003, DPL has grown in leaps and bounds within the IT industry. A testament to our grass roots approach to innovation and work ethic is the fact that our services are still retained by our first 5 clients. Our core strength is in the generation of unique and creative high business value solutions that consistently yield results. In the service industry, we know that our livelihood depends on your livelihood maximizing your efficiency and profitability is our only priority. DPL has always been diverse in its approach towards modern day technological developments and has strived to expand its portfolio by exploring various avenues. One avenue that DPL mastered was Rapid Application Development, a swift development medium that makes use of properly structured techniques and concise prototyping to firstly define user requirements and ultimately design the final system. DPL possesses the required resources and the inherent drive to provide you with pristine applications making use of this technique. OUR WINNING PHILOSOPHY To us, winning is not a destination. It is a constant state of mind, a drive to achieve and innovate. This philosophy is integrated throughout our firm and reinforced with every project we undertake. We believe that taking a holistic, 360 degree approach to winning helps everyone in the grand scheme of things From being an important precursor to success in todays world to driving global business values.
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