Physician Select International, Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Business Entity: Joint Venture
Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In:
No. of Employees: 29
  • About Physician Select International

    Physician Select Vitamins? is committed to the improvement of individual health and to the lowering of overall health care costs in America, by offering the finest quality of specially formulated vitamins at the best value, through a network of caring health care professionals all of whom strongly believe in preventive care. Our story is fairly interesting. We are a group of practicing physicians who got together in early 2003 after discovering that a large number of our patients were using vitamin supplements and herbal products without our knowledge. We felt that some of those products were doing more harm than good. As their primary care providers, we felt there had to be a way for us to manage and monitor our patients? use of nutritional supplements. We started researching various companies and their vitamin supplement products, but at the end, even though we liked specific things about many companies, we did not come across a product line where quality, formulations and pricing were up to our liking. Once we made that determination, it did not take us long to realize that for us to feel comfortable in recommending certain vitamin supplements, we would have to formulate products ourselves using current medical research. Hence, a Scientific Advisory Board of Physicians was created. The board is consist of physicians representing various specialties and has almost doubled in size since its inception in 2003. The board completely focused on creating superior quality evidence based products that most physicians would feel comfortable in recommending to their patients. The board also made a decision that Physician Select Vitamins would not formulate and manufacture any weight loss sleep aids or other fad type products. Soon after Physicians Select Vitamins was established, we discovered that a large number of doctors across America felt that their patients deserved better vitamin supplements than what they were using. Since our company and products were designed by a group of practicing physicians, Physician Select Vitamins became an obvious choice for many of them. Today, Physician Select Vitamins has become an international entity with thousands of patients benefiting from our products across America and internationally everyday. Every month more and more physicians start recommending our premium quality, disease specific products to their patients who thank them for providing them access to quality supplements. If you are a physician and are interested in recommending our products to your patients please do not hesitate in contacting us. If you are a patient and would like your doctor to recommend our products please contact your doctor?s office and ask them to contact us. We will assist them in every possible way.
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