Pak Foods, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Industry: Food & Beverages
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Apr 1970
No. of Employees: 300
  • About Pak Foods


    Pak food is serving its customers with a wide range of snacks food. When it comes to adding a temptation to relaxing moments in life Pak foods is always serve its customer as tasty snacks. Our exotic flavors and variety demonstrate our customers needs and wants. Focusing on nutritional aspects of our target market our products provide our customer with additional calories and our products become a source of instant energy. Whether it is a break time on a tuck shop or evening tea or memorable moments of recreational visits our snacks keeps you energetic and flavors make you enthusiastic.

    Pak food is known for its unique positioning in the market. Taking a step forward from this humble foundation, Pak foods moved up the ladder of success by innovating and introducing different snacks brands to suit every taste and pocket, which is sold from retail outlets all over the Pakistan.

    The successful journey was explored by late SHEIKH GULAM AHMED JAVED (founder of pakfoods) back in 1970 who gave a whole new meaning to the concept of snacks food and developed a wide range of fried snacks catering specifically to the tastes of people throughout Pakistan. Values: Our value is consumer taste and food quality that we drive from our hygienic production environment and quality assurance.
  • Management Profile

    Pak food is dream of my father and this matchless vehicle is the fruit of the efforts of my father sheikh Gulam Ahmed Javed (founder of pak food) on which I am supposed to drive. We have a very clear vision of serving our customer with a wide range of snacks food. Our philosophy is ADDING TASTE TO LIFE. Our exotic flavors and different nature of snacks develop our target market taste. Our journey started with a very small scale manufacturing .now with the GOD blessings and support of my team we have crossed the milestone of automated production setup. I have no words for thanks to my friend MR.UMER SAMA (CEO Sama engineering) who gave me indomitable courage and priceless support during the hard times. Our automated production setup is only because of UN comparable machinery of Sama engineering. I and my company team have given them for adding taste to life. Consumer behavior and eating pattern are our key focus areas. This also articulates our vision. A day will come when pak food will be known as leading snack manufacturing company of the country.

    Director Operations: Raja Abdul Majeed
    My relationship with pakfood is story of my life which is passing through its fortieths year the Passing through the crust and troughs of production and market. Our company has now gained its recognition in the industry. With GOD blessings our products are strongly accepted in the market. As a director for operations I want to mention here one thing very clearly that we are the only one company in the country who manufactures a wide range of snacks food products. We have a plan of entering export market after gaining an unbreakable strength in the domestic market. We try to open more operational units in Pakistan especially in backward areas which will open up avenues of new employment opportunities.
    I spend my whole life with pakfood. So development of pakfood is my growth. GOD blesses my company.

    Director Marketing: M Aslam Kiani.
    Pak food is my passion. For me pak food is not an organization but it is a family for me .i am very glad to say that my thirty five years efforts for market development and promotion finally resulted in a very strong brand equity of pak food. I do remember the times of making spot sales on motorbikes and traveling for couple of miles for marketing campaigns.
    Form market perspective the eating habits of consumers are now changing gradually and snacks have now become a highly demanded food product. Regardless of cut throat competition our products have their unique positioning in the market. After years of hard we have now gain word of mouth. So brand management has become increasingly interesting for me.

    Cheif Financial Officer: Sheikh Abdul Wahab Ahmed.
    It’s been a pleasure for me to enroll myself in the list of third generation who is working for the brand of its ancestors. According to my school of thought change and innovation can enable an organization to cope with the changes in the today’s dynamic business environment. Form view of change manger I look towards pak food as a very dynamic and trend setter organization. Being a fresh business graduate I can say with full confidence that true essence of entrepreneurship exist in pak food. Pak food not only grooms you but also injects you with good decision making skills. Pak food is a gift from my forefathers and it’s a symbol of pride for me.
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