House of Latif, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Textiles
Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Mar 2015
No. of Employees: 14
  • About House of Latif

    House of Latif is a registered company based in Lahore that designs and manufactures western wear clothing for women under two business models; made-to-measure clothing and ready-to-wear clothing.

    Devising a solution for the perfect fit problem faced by online users is considered the holy grail for the global fashion industry. Technology companies are pairing with fashion brands to offer a variation of end user solutions, yet this approach shies away entirely from addressing the core problem - standardised or vanity sizing. The ready-to-wear industry relies solely on predefined measurements (we've all seen the XS, S, M, L or the size 6, 8, 10, 12 tags latched onto clothes) to churn out fast fashion. The very nature of this disregards that one size does not fit all. This translates into thousands of tonnes worth of unsold wearable goods being dumped into landfills along with plenty of other far reaching negative repercussions.
    Instead of expecting individuals to fit the clothes, innovation is required at the manufacturing level allowing clothes to be engineered around each individual. This is why we're going back to the basic with our model. We want you to have control of the measurements. The thought of measuring yourself may be new to some, the ready-to-wear industry has done a wonderful job conditioning our minds to disconnect from that level of personalisation, but we assure you, it's as simple as pouring water in a glass. The ordering page has been designed as such so you have all the information you need within that one page. And since we're the manufacturer coming straight to you, we can deliver high quality made-to-measure at prices competitive to those offered by ready-to-wear brands.

    House of Latif is co-founded by Kinza Latif and Madiha Latif. Kinza Latif has a BSc in Engineering Product Design (University of Nottingham) and an MSc in Entrepreneurship (University of Warwick).

    Madiha Latif has a BEng in Aerospace Engineering (University of Surrey) and an MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship (University College London).
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