Askari Bank Limited, Islamabad, Pakistan

Industry: Banking
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Islamabad, Islamabad capital territory, Pakistan
Established In: Jun 2015
No. of Employees: 6000

Reviews about Askari Bank Limited


starstarstarstarstar    Mar 14, 2017
Full Time, Worked from Oct 1, 2016 to Dec 1, 2016 as accountant
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Company Future:    trending_up
I learned about accounts and deposits and also how to deal with public
No any downsides because i didn't observed at all
Advice to Management:
The organisation should have to good environ ment
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    Account opening,accounts

    starstarstarstarstar    Nov 27, 2015
    Internship, Worked from Nov 27, 2015 to Oct 1, 2014 as Internee
    Best organization to gain knowlede,during my work I learn a lot of things 
    Organization is to good but there is need to  improvement in their activities like customer relations
    Advice to Management:
    Friendly and quick response to customer is required
    Career Growthstar_outlinestar_outlinestar_outlinestar_outlinestar_outline
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      starstar_outlinestar_outlinestar_outlinestar_outline    Oct 26, 2015
      Full Time, Worked from Feb 3, 2014 to May 5, 2014 as ACCOUNTS OFFICER
      Recommend CEO:    thumb_up
      Company Future:    trending_up

        now a very good management  and working environment. I know that only Honest people leading organisation could lead it 

      I started my Askari Bank Job by resigning from a Best Steel Manufacturing Factory Establishment in Karachi to build up my Banking Career, though what I was promised in Interview was not fulfilled at all and my salary which I withdrew from that Steel Concern was 24000, and my boss told me dont go to banking side i would further increase your salary by Rs 4000 to Rs 28000 lumpsum, I refused this offer of my Boss though he was very much annoyed with me yet he gave me my final Salary plus Rs 5000 as a Gift for great work done. 
      After Resigning from this job, I went to Interview at AKBL's Head Office at Clifton on 31st January,2014 to be interviewed with Mr Kashif Azeem HR-Head. when I reached at interview I was astonished to know that they gave me offer letter of Rs 18300.and during those days petrol celing was also going down From Rs 114.76, so I didnot get 18300 as well.I got around 17600/monthly. my other fellows who were also offered job got 25000 package and only reason was that I didnot passed up my FINAL 2 papers of ICMAP.
      When I joined my first day the operation manager told me from 1st day you are not posted here after knewing I am Icma Finalist. he told me to go to Head Office and know your Exact Branch location, then I came back and then I told him I am 
      designated as Accounts Officer, it was not acceptable by him in his mind. then I came to know that a BDO Officer namely Nazar was being shifted from his BDO post to Remittance  Officer with Salary Rs 25000, another Officer Cro who got job got Rs 25000 salary and they both dont knew exact work at all but were supported by Branch Staff.
      That's was the ligtning Match in my mind of mistake made by myself from Resigning my Best job of Steel Concern.
      I was though posted as Officer but work was taken from me as a peon from photocopying,scanning Shifting of Chairs/
      Ledgers covering dirt, my seat was taken up by Switch board officer whose salary was also increased and also given bonus on eid but I was deprived of Increase in Salary and Bonus and was late sitted upto 7:00pm by my Branch Manager Atiq Hussain. and when I told him about ill behavior of Staff he told me you talk to Region. I went there to Mr Kashif Azeem and told every thing he didnot supported me and told me to resign from job.
      Main thing is that Preedy Street Branch did write off Bad debts Amounting Rs 1Bln out of Rs 8.5 Bln loss of overall banking operations as of 31 Dec 2013,and by jan 1,2014 our deposits were declined to 400mln of preedy Street Branch. My Branch Manager Atif Hussain Retired from job as being told to me and now Credit Officer who did Blunder of 
      Granting Bad Debts was then given a Rise to Rs120000 from Rs 93600.
      I told him this is unjust towards my salary of Rs 18300, he told me I cant do anything so getting Frustrated I resigned from my job.

      That's the Bitter Experience of Mine at Askari Bank Ltd.
      that's how I realize that Every Employee do holds an Equal Opportunity at work which I was 
      deprived of.

      Thank you

      Murtaza Ali Khanani
      Akbl Employee no 9785  
      Advice to Management:
      Grant Equal Employment Opportunity and Enforce it at all Levels , Stop unjustice towards any single Employee.
      lending technique not to lend on bogus credit reports first fully verify than grant loan to Curtail  bad debt Expense to 
      Minimum Level.
      Administrative Expenses should be curtailed by reduction in higher post Employees salary/Benefits and shift the Necessary Amount to lower level Employees and remaining to Reserves.
      Maintain Stationary level in all Branches any Employee taking out any Stationary should be given 3 warning then he should be forcefully terminated and black listed as well.

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