Bigg Shark, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Sep 2009
No. of Employees: 20
  • About Bigg Shark

    Bigg Shark is a US based company that thrives for customer success. We're an exciting team of young and energetic mobile apps and games developers in the industry since 2009. We've developed popular, custom made mobile apps for small and large companies around the world.

    At Bigg Shark, you’re the Bossthe King. You’re looking for the best mobile app developers. We’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for. That’s right, down to the T. A mobile app that will transform you and your business into a great ball of fire. Our desire to bring out the best in you fuels all our iPhone, iPad and Android app designs.

    We understand how important your business is. That’s why we put ourselves into your shoes. To work with you as your partners in business. When we create an iOS or Android app for you, our objective is only 1. To help you win more customers for your business, period! Our breath taking designs and user friendly UI for your mobile app is a result of careful research and planning.

    We adore hard work but believe in working smart. That’s why we focus on designing iPhone, iPad and Android games that put a smile of joy and satisfaction on faces. With zero tolerance for bugs, the outstanding mobile apps we build are a result of our sheer dedication and passion that we put into our work. Try us today. Let us inspire you with irresistible fun and productivity.

    Top Mobile App Development Company USA

    Let’s Inspire You You’ll Love It!

    Cross Platform
    Develop once, deploy across all mobile platforms. Conquer iOS, Android and Windows without escalating production costs and time.
    Our cross-platform mobile solutions work on one-code-deploys-to-all basis. Economically leverage a bigger percentage of the smartphone user audience.

    Social Sharing
    Go viral when you can with seamless social media integration. Engage your audience straight from the app for better conversions.
    Connecting your app to social media will make it more productive. Our developers know exactly what it takes to do this the right way.

    In App Purchases
    Convert and Monetize.
    Turn your app users into customers with intuitive, irresistible yet non-intrusive in app purchases.
    Kiss banner blindness goodbye with our highly interactive in app purchases.We know what it takes to convince your users to make a purchase.

    Ads Integration
    Ads are the gasoline of free apps. They fuel your finance, if you integrate them well and ensure they don’t become a bother to the user.
    No one likes ads on their faces every now and then. Win the respect of your users with our relevant and perfectly placed ad integrations.

    Push Notifications
    Keep your users in the know with regular push notifications as your app runs in the background. No one ever misses an important update.
    No need to keep the app running to keep informed. Subtle push notifications will keep your users informed even when the app isn’t running.Visual AppealLooks are everything. Everyone wants something that looks and feels good. Our designers know exactly what to do to achieve this.
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