Brain Telecommunication Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Telecommunications
Business Entity: Sole Proprietorship
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Oct 2015
No. of Employees: 150
  • About Brain Telecommunication Limited

    Brain NET being pioneer in Internet Services industry of Pakistan is considered to be the largest Internet service provider with greater geographic coverage and vast range of internet solutions for both consumer and corporate sector. As a Group of companies; Brain Computers initiated in 1982 and appeared as a successful business of hardware solutions.
    In 1992 Brain was honored and appreciated to be the innovator of emailing system in Pakistan's IT industry . In 1996 Brain incorporated BrainNET to commence Internet Services and retained an honor of First Internet Service Provider of Pakistan. Being pioneer in ISP industry, we always stood ahead all in innovating solutions. Brain has got largest Optical Fiber network in Lahore over which top IT companies are subscribed to and the Local Loop License (LLC) by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to run Telecom operations in Lahore under BrainTEL.
  • Brain Corporate

    What is Brain Corporate?
    A department of Brain Telecommunication Limited, dedicated to design enterprise turn key solutions to fulfill internet needs of corporate sector. Brain Corporate was formed in year 2001 to manage and fulfill the growing IT needs. We design, innovate, create awareness, introduce & implement internetworking solutions and provide support through trained corporate support team.

    Why Brain Corporate?
    We believe in providing efficient and effective solutions for corporate sector, for this purpose Brain Corporate is a team of educated professionals to satisfy and meet corporate needs in more professional manner. An efficient sales team is always willing to help corporate sector in fulfilling their business requirements.
    We are committed to anticipate and satisfy customers' communication requirements with a range of top quality products and services. Highly skilled support team is dedicated round the clock to guide and manage efficient support. We always try our best to bring efficiency and reduce lead time to improve corporate support and increase customer satisfaction. In addition to our advanced engineering practices, our 24 hours/ 7 days Network Operations Center ensures the immediate detection and correction of the simplest network faults that might arise. We treat our valued customers with dignity and respect.
  • Our Mission & Vision

    Our Mission
    To become leader in innovation and contribute IT awareness towards society.To be dynamically growing organization in ISPs and telecom industry by achieving internal & external customer satisfaction, superior & beneficial solutions, brining internet into common person's life and to provide value of your money.

    Our Vision
    To remain industry leader by continuously improving the level of services. Social Values

    The customer is at the heart of our system of values and in line with this principle; we listen & give assistance to our customers.
    We innovate and challenge the norm.

    Social Responsibilities
    • Being Internet Service Provider and technology seeker, we believe in creating internet & technology awareness towards common public. Further, keeping in view Pakistani job market we try to contribute by becoming favorable employer and facilitate human resources at our best so that they can meet common needs with high esteem.
    • Creating internet & technology awareness towards common public.
    • Keeping in view job market we try to contribute by becoming favorable employer.
    • Facilitate human resources at our best so that they can meet common needs with high esteem.
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