Solidar Switzerland, Islamabad, Pakistan

Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management
Business Entity: Nonprofits
Location: Islamabad, Islamabad capital territory, Pakistan
Established In: Aug 2010
No. of Employees: 49
  • About Solidar Switzerland

    Solidar Switzerland is a Swiss based International not-for-profit organization, with more than 75 years of work history in around 12 Countries. The programmatic areas of work are Decent Work, Governance, Humanitarian Aid, WASH, Livelihood, and Child Protection.

    Solidar Switzerland is an international humanitarian organization in Zurich, Switzerland, working since 1948 in the sector of Humanitarian AID, International Corporation, Social Affairs, Labor and Trade Unions Education.Solidar Switzerland is active in Pakistan since 2010 working for the flood affected people in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa provinces. Solidar Switzerland is engaged in the early recovery projects mainly One Room Shelter construction and income generation activities.
  • Vision

    Solidar vision is for everyone around the world to be able to live in dignity.
  • Vision in Pakistan

    • Affected communities to be able to live with dignity after devastating disasters and natural calamities.
    • People are empowered to live in a healthy life and to get equal social & economical opportunities to fulfill their basic needs effectively.
  • Mission in Pakistan

    • To strengthened local capacities for the development of social and economic institutions which contribute to economic development, job creation, community welfare; which protect and develop the environment and are in the disaster affected population.
    • Rural Development, Advocacy & Trade/ Labor Unions capacity building.
  • Main Aims

    • To work influencing EU and international policies in our fields of works.
    • To link members together to network and carry out humanitarian and development projects.
    • To promote the participation of civil society, from the developed and developing world, in decision-making processes.
    • To strengthen alliances with organizations committed to our common principles both at European and global level.
  • What We Do in Pakistan

    Our Core Activities Include:
    • Transitional Shelters Construction
    • Non Food Item Distribution
    • One Room Shelter with Sanitation Facilities
    • Technical Trainings to the local Artisans on DRR techniques
    • Hygiene Promotion Trainings
    • Female Vocational Trainings
    • Rehabilitation of Small Shops
    • Disaster Risk Reduction mainstreaming
    • WASH Project
    • Irrigation Channel
    Transitional Shelters Construction:
    Solidar Switzerland has expertise in providing Transitional shelters in the affected areas to support the vulnerable families in the early recovery stage and to provide them the opportunity to construct permanent houses.

    Non Food Item Distribution:
    Solidar Switzerland works in emergencies in Non Food Items Distributions to support affected and vulnerable families depending upon the need of items.

    One Room Shelter:
    Solidar Switzerland has provided safe and standard living conditions to the flood effected in five Union Councils in District Layyah through the support of material, labour and technical teams for the construction of one-room shelters and sanitation facilities.

    Technical Trainings to the Local Artisans on DRR techniques:
    Solidar Switzerland is increasing the local knowledge on better construction techniques which prevent the high affect of flood on the building through training of local artisans.

    Hygiene Promotion Trainings:
    Solidar Switzerland is conducting health and hygiene promotion activities to reduce the risky hygiene practices. Women, men and children from different casts, ethnic group and classes are involved in health hygiene activities in the community.

    Female Vocational Training:
    Solidar Switzerland is working to increase knowledge of females to gain income through the new or rehabilitated home based Poultry or Embroidery trainings which enable them for earning additional income for their families.We are also increasing the knowledge of females for a home based business to strengthen their connections with commercial market.

    Rehabilitation of Small Shops:
    After the floods many people lost their houses and destroyed their business. Solidar Switzerland is working to support flood victims families to reopen their before existing shops which provide them employment opportunities that can ensure their economic security and strengthen their reliance.

    Disaster Risk Reduction Mainstreaming:
    Mainstreaming of DRR in the District, Tehsil and Union Council governance Structure- DRR teams operational zed where targets are:
    - 1 district team (ten pax)
    - 2 thesils teams (20 pax)
    - 5 UC teams (50 pax)
    - 20 cluster villages teams
    - Where benefits are derived by: 164'660 population
    Total number of direct beneficiaries:
    11,932 Direct beneficiaries

    WASH Project:
    • 700 households (total estimated 4.900 beneficiaries) for WASH facilities.
    • 30 most vulnerable households (total estimated 210 beneficiaries) for ORS.
    • 1.460 skilled, semi- and unskilled artisans for DRR training.
    • 2.500 individuals for hygiene training.
    • 20 village committees (VCs) for training and support in DRR.

    Irrigation Channel Project:
    Easy and sufficient water access to the farmlands and maximizing its utilization, improve farmlands productive outputs, and develop farmers’ capacity to self-manage the irrigation channels.
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