atcon-The Construction Professional, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Construction
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 2008
No. of Employees: 60
  • About atcon-The Construction Professional

    Atcon is known for having ability to deliver projects with exceptional quality on time and budget. Through the use of our extensive tools and plants and with the efforts of subcontractors, suppliers and our professional teams, we provide the necessary labour, materials, tools, equipment, temporary utilities and facilities to complete construction of a project. Atcon provides comprehensive construction services. Atcon coordinates, manages and supervises construction activities to ensure that the project is complete and properly built in strict accordance with the drawings and contract documents. Regardless of a project’s size or complexity, we harness end-to-end solutions and tailor them to meet our client’s needs. This flexible approach underpins the strong, lasting relationships we enjoy with clients.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our company’s growing reputation for excellence, resourcefulness and ingenuity has been achieved by stringent quality control coupled with rich experience, hardwork and adherence to our founding philosophy. Our philosophy is based on ideals of sensitivity to customer demands, willingness to accept total responsibility and pride in our work.

    While one might find these ideals old-fashioned but we believe these attributes are the basis of our success and the reason behind why knowledgeable businesses, organisations and architects place their confidence and trust in Atcon Construction. We think it is a better way to build and grow.
  • Core Values

    Our passion for building stems from the pleasure of overcoming the intricate challenges of construction and the feeling of accomplishment when a project has been successfully completed. Finally it is the joy we share with the client and with all the project team members at a job well done.

    That passionate energy and aggressive enthusiasm for a construction project begins even before it is awarded to us. Prior to making a presentation, we analyse every project down to the minutest technical detail to ensure that it is completed with perfection.

    More importantly, our homework allows us to discover potential problems, develop ways and means to address them in advance. Thus evolving more realistic construction plans for the client. In the end it means being able to build more efficiently.

    A Commitment to Responsiveness
    We believe there is only one thing greater than our passion for building; our dedication to the needs and desires of our customers. We know what our customers expect from us. it is efficient coordination, sound project management and construction of the highest standards. So we always endeavor to ensure to fulfill our commitments.

    An Attitude of Accountability
    As your general contractors, we feel that it is our duty to assume complete responsibility for your project. That is why our site supervisors, quantity surveyors, construction managers and project managers ensure all aspects of the construction from start to finish is completed professionally.

    A Spirit of Pride
    At the root of our incessant focus on quality, we pride ourselves in the work we deliver. It is a pride that extends throughout our entire company and encompasses the smallest detail.

    To us, construction is not only about management it’s also about craftsmanship.
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