Novatex Limited, Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Chemicals
Business Entity: Partnership
Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 1948
No. of Employees: 1000
  • About Novatex Limited

    Gatron (Industries) Ltd. and Novatex Limited belong to a group of companies, G&T Gani & Tayub. The group is in business since 1948. These five decades of operational excellence, experience and expertise have all formed a combined strength to empower the group as a leading name in Polyester Filament Yarn, Polyester Chips and PET Resin in Pakistan.

    • Novatex Limited {along with Gatron (Industries) Limited} is the only PET Resin Bottle Grade manufacturer in Pakistan, with the brand name of "Gatronova."
    • Novatex produces PET Resin for Domestic & Export sales.
    • Gatron produces PET Resin for in-house use in the manufacturing of PET Preforms.
    • The Group is in Polymer production since 1988 and in PET Resin production since 1998.
    • The total PET resin production capacity is 235,000 mt/annum, divided almost equally between Local & Export Market.
    • Capacity to produce over 2.5 billion preforms per year. The PET Resin (raw material) for these preforms is produced in-house by Gatron and Novatex and therefore gives standardized & consistent preforms.
    • Sizes range from 11.25 gms to 55 gms, with neck sizes 28 mm PCO, 29/25 neck & 30/25 neck, for 330ml to 2250 ml Water / CSD bottles.
    • Produced on Husky HyPET & HPP Machines mainly installed after 2004.
    • We have Preforms approved and used by Coke, Pepsi, Nestle and other major brands, both domestically and in the international market
    • Preforms are tested not only in the laboratory but also by actual blowing into bottles on regular basis. So, quality of preforms is also monitored in actual use.
  • Research and Development

    • Future growth and business expansion largely depends on the quantum of Research & Development.
    • The Core Management at the G&T Group firmly believes in evolving a continuous pattern of modern and innovative products.
    • This is done through technological diversification.
    • The R&D facilities feature state-of-the-art laboratories, computer facilities, data collection and classification, product specifications, evaluation and analysis.
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