Linkagoal, Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Internet
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In: Mar 2008
No. of Employees: 12
  • About Linkagoal

    Linkagoal is the first and only global, goal-based social network that enables people to create, link and contribute through a strong community of like-minded individuals.

    Linkagoal mission is to provide a goal based social network platform, where people who have the potential to improve the quality of their lives can create and register their important goals, get connected with like-minded people who currently share similar skills/passions and drive to achieve similar goals.

    Why are goals important?
    Without knowing where you are going, chances are you might get lost. Having goals and working toward reaching them keeps us focused in life as we continuously thrive and learn along the way. They can help us with being more organized, resourceful, and provide us clarity of what we are trying to achieve.

    Setting goals and seeing them through can be fun and rewarding. Every journey begins with a first step, so does a goal with writing it down.

    By writing a goal down, you begin to realize it. Goal writing helps when developing a goal plan, and by connecting with others to share goals, it becomes a collaborative take on fulfilling your objectives when you receive new ideas and advice that can make your goals appear more actionable than before.

    Our Vision:
    Goals that are not written down are called wishes.If the goals are written down by a person, there are higher chances of achieving that goal. Our vision revolves around strengthening the habit of writing goals in order to achieve them through this platform."Linkagoal’s vision is to improve the lives of people across the globe by letting them set, strive and achieve their goals."

    What can Linkagoal do for you?
    Helps you make goal-setting a habit, while connecting you with others based on similar objectives.Linkagoal is a goal-based social network that combines the power of social networking and crowdsourcing to help people connect, track and better support one another through the entire goal-making process It works on a simple yet powerful concept of Create, Link and Contribute. The site allows its members to write goals (Create), connect with common goals and aspirations (Link), and help them achieve their goal (Contribute).

    Linkagoal is based on the belief that the lack of resources, guidance, experience, accountability, and encouragement hinder people from achieving their goals so why not help them.
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