The Youth of Pakistan , Lahore, Pakistan
The Youth of Pakistan , Lahore, Pakistan

The Youth of Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan

Business Entity: Nonprofits
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 2016
No. of Employees: 10

About The Youth of Pakistan Pakistan

  • We are a youth-run initiative, aimed to empower the youth of Pakistan. The initiative shall provide our youth members with, not only a platform to unite their influence but also with the opportunities required to be a part of policy making in the country and the international community.

    We cannot always build a future for our youth but we can build our youth for the future Franklin D Roosevelt

    Over the years, youth has proven itself to be the driving force of any community. From revolutions to transformations, youth has always been the initiating force. Therefore, the international community has acknowledged the importance of youth in decision and policy making. This can be observed by the fact that the international community, through the United Nations, has established policies and programs to bring youth in the loop.
    Youth makes up to about sixty percent of the Pakistani population. Unfortunately, we are yet to explore the strength of the youth of our country. To date, we have failed to provide our youth with the factual opportunities and decision making power to contribute in the development of, not only Pakistan but also the wider world. Tactlessly, we are still aiming at the ancient idea of providing the youth with a better future and it is worth mentioning that we are significantly failing at it.

    However, the world has evolved and the youth of today is quite capably of building their future and also the future of their society.
    Through THE YOUTH OF PAKISTAN, we aim to come up with and implement upon philosophies in order to resolve issues being faced by the youth. Additionally, we would be focusing on making sure that the youth of our country is provided with its rightful share in decision making and policy generation. Furthermore, we aim to build collaborations among the like-minded youth individuals who are determined to work for this cause.

    THE YOUTH OF PAKISTAN would be a completely youth run organization and a platform for us to converge our powers in working towards a better future. In addition, the decision making power and ownership of this organization shall be in the hands of its youth members.

    It is time for us to take care of our matters, on our own. Let us, THE YOUTH OF PAKISTAN, unite for a better future!

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