Amber Capacitors Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Business Entity: Public Limited Company (Listed)
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 1992
No. of Employees: 300
  • About Amber Capacitors Limited

    AMBER CAPACITORS LIMITED is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and is one of the largest capacitor producing companies in Pakistan. It was established in 1990.

    AMBER CAPACITORS LIMITED is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and is one of the largest capacitor producing companies in Pakistan. It was established in 1990.

    It was conceived and founded by (Late) Engr. Ataur Rahman Arain, who was also its Chairman until his passing away in 2013. Engr. Farhan Ata Arain had joined as a Director first, in 1992, and went on to become its Chief Executive in 2003. Due to the direction set by both of them, and in their able guidance, the company has consistently been producing products of international quality.

    Internationally, AMBER is exporting to 15 countries including USA, Australia, UAE and Kuwait. Domestically, AMBER is supplying to the top OEMs of the local industry, as well as a large segment of the retail market for all its product range. The company is using latest technology obtained with the courtesy of the world’s well-known companies in Italy, Japan and Turkey. The company has excellent manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as capabilities of in-house design and manufacture of full-range of AC Capacitors.

    Amber’s range of products includes:

    Motor Start-Run capacitors in match-box as well cylindrical designs.

    Capacitors for air-conditioners.

    Capacitors for Power Factor Correction of Ballasts for Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge Lamps.

    Capacitors for Power Factor Correction of Three Phase Power Systems up to 1000 V in dry as well as oil impregnated (non-P.C.B.) designs.

    Capacitors for mains frequency induction furnaces.

    Throughout the manufacturing process i.e. from the selection of the raw material to the approval of the finished products, strict quality control is maintained. Integrated inspection and special testing procedures are carried out on each product at all stages of manufacture. The company understands that capacitors which are manufactured on international standards have to be adapted to the local environmental and voltage conditions. That is the reason selected capacitors have to undergo and pass the environment life test, which simulates actual working and application conditions in Pakistan.

    To keep up to date with the latest global advancements in engineering fields, AMBER regularly participates in international exhibitions to display their products and see the latest in world trends. AMBER has been participating in AHR Expo (one of the world’s biggest shows concentrating on HVAC equipment held yearly in US) every year since 2000 and has plans to continue doing so. AMBER also participated and displayed its products in Elenex ’97 held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1997 and in Hannover Messe 2006.

    As far as conformance to international standards is concerned, the company manufactures capacitors in strict accordance with the latest IEC Standards. Many of AMBER products have international approvals. Approval from Underwriters Laboratories, USA is an example.

    Amber Capacitors also has the facility of handling custom-based designs and specifications of reasonable volume requirements.

    AMBER is currently employing about 250 people, both in the head-office and the factory.

  • What is AMBER ?

    “Why is the name of the company AMBER?”

    “Who is Amber? Any female relative of yours?”

    Whenever anyone comes to know of our company name, these questions and more are asked of us. So, let us answer it in the shortest possible way: Electricity.

    But first, a little background. Our Late Chairman, Mr. Ataur Rahman Arain decided upon going into business in 1973. He was an Electrical Engineer by profession, so he wanted to do make a company for importing electrical equipment and working as a contractor for internal and external electrification projects. That meant an Engineering Company. Now what to name it? He wanted a name which had to do with electricity, and would be unique as well. He started looking for such a name. It is not really known how, but during his research, he stumbled upon Amber.

    Amber is fossilized tree resin, which hardens over many years and becomes a rock.

    Around 600BC, Greeks found that by rubbing Amber against a fur cloth, it would develop charge and start attracting particles of straw or hay. They didn’t understand the phenomenon but did realize that Amber and electric charge are related. So much so that the Greek word for Amber stone is ‘Elektron,’ which became ‘Electron’ later in English.

    So there it is. It was our Late Chairman’s quest for a unique company name related to electricity which made him choose Amber. He named his first company Amber Engineering Company, and when he decided to establish a Capacitor factory, he named it Amber Capacitors Limited.

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