SecureHome, Arlington, United States

Industry: Consumer Services
Business Entity: Inc. (Incorporated)
Location: Arlington, Virginia, United States
Established In: Mar 2017
No. of Employees: 10
  • About SecureHome

    SecureHome is the only startup focused on IoT security for smart homes. SecureHome is founded on the notion that consumers will need better protection against evolving Cyber Threats as the smart home technology adoption increases. Gartner predicts the average smart home will have 500 connected devices (e.g., thermostat, lights, appliances) by 2022 (up from 15 devices per home today). These devices are fundamentally shifting security and privacy risks that once existed in our digital lives to our physical world. Consumers are no longer subject to just identity and data loss risks. At stake is the safety of our families, privacy, and in some cases life and health. Consumers need a Smart Home Network Security and Safety system to defend against the next generation of Internet threats.

  • What We Do?

    SecureHome customers get peace of mind that all their devices are not behaving in a way that intrudes in their privacy, causes financial damage, or impacts their safety. SecureHome leverages an enterprise grade intrusion detection system, behavior analytics, and machine learning to guard against smart home threats. With SecureHome, users can also get trusted help in case of a security incident.

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