Crypto Coast, Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Internet
Business Entity: SME (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In: Dec 2017
No. of Employees: 8
  • About Crypto Coast

    Division Description: Crypto Coast is an incubator which assists early-stage startups in the blockchain sector, based in Ireland. We are hiring new talent from Pakistan to collaborate and work with the various startups in our incubator in North Karachi, Pakistan.


    Ireland's Crypto Coast is made up of a collective of technical, creative and pioneering cryptographic businesses from all over the world. The country's location, infrastructure, people and investment capital available has made us an exciting and powerful place from which to do business. We invite both homegrown and international blockchain and crypto-related technology businesses to join us in building the Crypto Coast block by block.

    Our mission is to expand and develop the blockchain eco-system already growing in this country through a variety of mediums. Our initial focus is on the creation of a network of co-working spaces for start-ups in this sector and the establishment of academic, social and commercial events and studies exploring all sides of crypto-currency and related topics. To maintain our culture of innovation and collaboration, we invite technical partners to join us in residency. Find out more about our technical partnerships.

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