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Industry: Law Practice
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Established In: May 2008
No. of Employees: 30
  • About Global Migrate

    Global Migrate is a leading provider of worldwide visas and Immigration services. We are headquartered in the business district of London, United Kingdom and have our subsidiary branches in Dubai, Australia and Canada. Our global sphere of operations and years of par excellence has given us more perspective and versatility in the Immigration sector, certainly giving us an edge over the others. Our reputed organization was established over a decade ago and we continually reform our policies and working etiquettes to meet the current requirements. So rest assured your application is handled with utmost sincerity and professionalism.

  • Immigration

    Global Migrate offers a range of Immigration programs for potential applicants around the world. Our Global Immigration experts ensure that our service is prompt, meticulous and in a timely manner.

    Our expertise in the Immigration sectors coupled with an experience of over a decade in the industry has proved instrumental in delivering quality service to our clients. We leave no stone unturned and ensure that every application submitted by us has a successful outcome. Our wide range of services include applications for Permanent Residency, Employer based sponsorship programs, Student visa, Family class Immigration right up to Business and Investor Immigration.

    For this purpose, we have hired some of the most efficient team members to work individually and collectively on your applications. Our staff are constantly monitored and trained to ensure that they are in sync with the latest Immigration rules and regulations in force. With specialized personnel in every field who have a keen eye for details and make sure that everything is done in an accurate manner and completed within a reasonable time frame.

    Since our clientele are based all around the globe, this has given us a bigger perspective into Immigration Law as we ought to cater to the needs and research into a wide spectrum of solutions. So no matter where you’re coming from our experts are ready to take on your application and offer a viable solution. We can confidently attest that we can present an answer to some of the toughest queries you put forward.

    We believe in integrity, honesty and transparency in our work. We will work out the best for your application for you bearing in mind your eligibility. Being a regulated organization, we will only work with you if your profile meets the enlisted requirements. If not we will suggest an alternative path for you that would help your application succeed. In this way we have secured the goodwill of thousands of clients globally who have in turn referred clients to us building a pristine reputation for us over the years.

  • Citizenship by Investment

    We have expanded our scope of work to Citizenship by Investment programs for European and Caribbean regions. Read further to find out how to obtain a second passport of a European or Caribbean country.

    The Citizenship by Investment program is an initiative of the Governments of Cyprus, Malta, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada & St. Lucia to attract foreign direct investment into the country. The Economic citizenship programs are an ideal choice for high net-worth Individual, Global Investors and International businessmen to invest money into a Government regulated scheme for lucrative benefits.

    Successful applicants are awarded with an opportunity to obtain direct citizenship in the country without any prior residency requirements. Family members can also avail this facility and secure a powerful second passport for them. Applicants are also exempt from the scrutiny and assessment on education and skills that is a fundamental requirement of Skilled Migration programs. However, they need to be medically fit and possess a good character record. The emphasis here is laid on the financial capacity of the applicant. Speak to our team to find out more on this aspect.

    These passports give you unparallel freedom to travel reducing the hassle for obtaining a visa every time plan your travels or fearing a rejection of your visa status. Residency and work rights in the country are an added advantage that prospective applicants can look forward to. The Global Passport Index clearly rules out European passport holding a high ranking. For those Investors seeking an Entry into the EU zone must consider this as a valuable proposition.

    The Caribbean passport programs have also received a wide recognition over the past few years due to the easy application requirements and the liberal taxation policies. Global Migrate has proficient Investor Immigration experts who are experienced in the field and help you achieve your desired citizenship in a timely manner. They will direct you to the right Investment path and formulate the best plan taking into account your financial standing. Approach us via the contact-us section on our website and we will conduct a confidential consultation for you at the earliest.

  • Student Visa

    Global Migrate assists international students interested in pursuing a quality education overseas in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK. We have specialized packages for applicants at affordable prices.

    A foreign education seems like a distant dream for many. Students across the world want to experience study in a foreign country for different reasons. For those who want to enhance their academic profile and have better career prospects, student visa would be a wise choice. Some want to experience a different country, culture and lifestyle. Even for settlement in a foreign country like Canada, Australia or New Zealand the student visa route is an ideal pathway.

    There are an abundance of options to select from universities in UK, Canada and Australia and New Zealand. These Educational institution offer par-excellence education and have the best educators on board to ensure that their standards are maintained. If one were to research institutes in one city, the options therein would leave you baffled. It is imperative that an expert help you direct the path to your future.

    While education consultants brag about their ties and connection with universities, they do have preferences when recommending to students leaving them puzzled. At Global Migrate, we make an unbiased and judicious decision of program for you bearing in mind that it is aligned with you interests, career goals and a furtherance of your stay in the country. We will help you narrow down on the right options and even select the modules you that would ultimately influence your growth.

    Global Migrate has helped students immigrate to their desired country by selecting the right university, the right education course that is well suited to them. Our full-fledged preparation and guidance packages help you organize yourself before you move and also settle in the country better. After the completion of your education journey, we can also help explore more settlement options for you. Let us help build your dream to reality. Start your application today for the closest intake.

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