Cotton Connect, London, United Kingdom

Industry: Textiles
Business Entity: Nonprofits
Location: London, England, United Kingdom
Established In: Jan 2013
No. of Employees: 50
  • About Cotton Connect

    Who we are

    We are an enterprise with a clear mission to transform the cotton industry for good. We work with brands and retailers to enable them to develop a more robust and resilient cotton supply chain.

    What we do

    We do this by connecting brands and retailers to farmers to create a transparent supply chain, training farmers in agro-economic practices, and supporting the enhancement of farmer livelihoods and strong farming communities.

    Our Values

    We are committed to transforming the world’s cotton for good, working with brands and retailers, as well as the farmers, suppliers and partners.

    Our Impact

    Our work has helped transform the lives of over 675,000 people in cotton farming communities in four countries. By 2020 our ambition is to work to improve the livelihoods for more than a million people in cotton farming communities.

    What We Deliver

    We deliver positive outcomes – better management of risk, greater security of supply, increased productivity, better livelihoods for farmers, and positive impact on relationships and reputation.

    Our Team

    We have specialists, consultants and experts in agriculture and rural management based in our core markets around the world. Please get in touch to speak to the relevant local team.

    Alison Ward CEO

  • Why Sustainable Cotton?

    Cotton accounts for almost 40% of global textile production and the industry supports an estimated 250 million livelihoods.

    Only 12% of the world’s cotton is currently classed as sustainable.

    It takes about 10,000 litres of water to produce one kilogram of cotton, roughly the amount required to produce one T-shirt and a pair of jeans.

    Managing reputational risk and integrating sustainability into the cotton supply chain is more important now than ever. There are many efficiencies to be gained across global supply chains, and new opportunities to engage with consumers around responsible practices.

  • Why should brands and retailers get involved?

    Significant agronomic and social challenges exist across cotton communities.

    Cotton communities are subsistence economies with limited worker protection, limited education and restrictions on women’s rights.

    Sustainability makes perfect business sense, and securing a sustainable and transparent supply in the future is vital.

  • Meeting Sustainable Development Goals

    We work towards UN SDG goals including poverty eradication, zero hunger, good health and wellbeing, gender equality and decent work.

    CottonConnect offers greater transparency and traceability across the supply chain to connect you to farmers and support livelihoods.

    Farmer training programmes and support for organic farming helps the environment and addresses climate action, life on land and water management.

    Partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society, working together with a shared goal of sustainability across the global textile industry.

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