Phaedra Solutions, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Information Technology and Services
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 2013
No. of Employees: 30
  • About Phaedra Solutions

    Phaedra Solutions assists the clients to plan,organize, design, develop and deploy persistent business intelligence solutions aimed at addressing complex business issues. By working in strong collaboration with our clients, we are highly responsive towards all the queries for 24/7. We are the idea- reformers as to exhibit the visionary ideas of our clients into a real-time businesses for improvising profitable businesses worldwide.

    We Are:


    We develop and execute innovative digital strategy, interactive websites, mobile apps and social programs that will attract and retain your target audience while delivering results and a return on your investment.


    We have an experienced approach to design. Be it a whole new or the best user experience of navigating through the website or just a tiny surprising effect.


    We demonstrate the diversity and have a vision that is better than others i.e. we don’t stop striving unless or until we achieve outstanding results.

    Quick Facts

    • Established in 2013 and growing at a fast pace development.
    • Having a bunch of 25 people including Project Managers, Team Leads, Quality Assurance Team, Designers, Developers and a Strategic Human Resource Management System in order to enhance growth and stability by following advanced techniques to retain our resources.
    • We have a diversified technological stack including Node JS , Golang, Python, PHP, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, Phonegap, Twitter bootstrap, LESS, SASS.
    • DevOPs team assists to arrange and configure core and multi-phase infrastructure on cloud.
  • What We Offer

    Curtailing to grab extraordinary talent, Phaedra Solutions leverages for huge passion for investigation and development to experiment and to access top-notch academic and technical credentials as to flourish exemplary products and applications, that promise strategic long-term loyalty and stability towards our clients. Our cutting-edge technological expertise are primarily in the areas of Ruby on Rails, Drupal, PHP, Python , Node JS , Angular JS , React JS , GOLANG , Solidity , Hybrid App development Frameworks.
    In our trusted development stables, our engineers and architects use the right amalgamation of Open Source proprietary software, based on our outstanding architecture to deliver state-of-the-art products in optimal timelines to design better frameworks in order to capture the best competitive edge in the market. In our Mobile Applications Studio, we accommodate your specific needs to build your ideal mobile applications across all mature platforms. We have an extreme passion to interact and design as to manipulate optimal performance prototype to consider minor details for our clients.

  • Why to consider us?

    We are the perfect idea generators to provide solutions with our hands-on experience by utilizing modern and contemporary technologies.


    Our cutting-edge technological expertise are primarily in the areas of Ruby on Rails, Drupal ,Node JS , Python , Golang, Solidity & PHPFrameworks. We provide revolutionary systems and designs to provide backend scripts for any cloud or server.


    Our front-line technological competencies are primarily in the areas of Angular JS , React JS ,Vue JS, D3.JS & twitter bootstrap for mobile / tablet responsive front-end developments. All these frameworks give stability and base to provide flexibility for final products and designs as to facilitate our clients.


    At our Mobile Applications Studio, we assimilate your specific needs to build your ideal mobile applications as to be associated with highly interactive perspectives toward all mature platforms. We are providing Hybrid Platform as well as Native Platform ( React Native ). Phaedra Solutions introduces optimum quality mobile applications as to develop long-term strategic improvements for our clients.


    Currently, we are at vanguard level of agile developments since more than 5 years to build highly trusted and adaptable softwares for industry innovators, market leaders and the emerging companies.We utilize agile processes and variant approaches as to develop those methodologies and techniques which assist our clients efficiently.


    Our DevOPS team facilitates our clients to setup and assimilate the infrastructures in cloud and make it possible to run the systems constantly around the clock. All these infrastructure softwares intimate and make alerts for our clients to configure the latest discoveries and software-related activities prevailing in the system.

    Annual Support & Maintenance

    Our technical team will be available to provide the continuous support to your projects as to assist our clients in order to fulfill their needs. Our support team guides all the clients at the optimum level that leads towards a complimentary support effectively.

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