TEDDict Pvt. Ltd, Karachi, Pakistan
TEDDict Pvt. Ltd, Karachi, Pakistan

TEDDict Pvt. Ltd, Karachi, Pakistan

Industry: Education Management
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 2015
No. of Employees: 9

About TEDDict Pvt. Ltd Pakistan

  • TEDDict is a platform focused on designing learning environments.

    We believe that learning needs to be experiential - people learn best by doing, which is why students should be encouraged to take up an active role in the learning process. We spark interest by making the learning experience peer to peer. Where they can connect with others to learn ideas and concepts get recognized for everything that they contribute to as part of their own and everyone else’s learning experience.


    Is a social platform that allows students to seek help from their peers by asking questions, asking for feedback on their work and by exploring the content produced by other students.
    Students practice what they are learning by helping other students to learn concepts of mutual
    interest. Students can give answers and give feedback to others in an open space where
    it is being validated by peers who review it.

Jobs in TEDDict Pvt. Ltd

Node.Js Intern
Karachi, Pakistan

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