AppedologyPk Recruitment, Karachi, Pakistan
AppedologyPk Recruitment, Karachi, Pakistan

AppedologyPk Recruitment, Karachi, Pakistan

Established In: Jul 2019
No. of Employees: 250

About AppedologyPk Recruitment Pakistan

  • AppedologyPK constantly surpasses leading industry standards across various business areas. We believe in consistently enhancing the capabilities of our employees and technology resources. With our track record of successfully serving leading businesses in numerous market segments, our clients can be highly assured that choosing AppedologyPK to achieve continued growth and optimization is, in fact, the right choice.

    AppedologyPK is a full service creative digital agency that blends together creativity with technology to create everlasting impressions. From Corporate Branding to Content Management System & Mobile Apps, we have the Perfect Solutions for you.

  • Who We Are?


    AppedologyPK is the fastest growing and one of the top application development company in Pakistan, possessing natural flavors of creativity and expertise. We also create regular and significant digital marketing experiences to help your business engage and attract targeted customers. We believe in the connection of technology, creativity, and strategy influencing our abilities to all our renowned clients. Our digital marketing services include Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Video Animations, Game Development, Graphic Design, and Digital Content Creation, whereas, our app development services offer iOS development, Android development, Virtual reality, and much more.



    We are living in an era where we don’t have to sell our merchandise as a door-to-door salesman anymore. With the advancement of technologies, business strategies have evolved to a whole new level. We are one of the best and high-quality app developers in thePakistan, Our team has grabbed a platform of business with high-quality functional features. In today's business reality, mobile applications empower everyone to the interface, and to your satisfaction, we have started to generate excellent app solutions to make your business grow a step further.

    In our maintenance and support, we create solutions for apps which muddle and do not perform well. Being the top app Development Company in Pakistan, we believe it’s our responsibility to serve our customers with the best.


    Nowadays, everyone likes to avail latest gadgets and functions to stay tuned with the changing times of modernization; our team has come up with grand plans to stay connected with social platforms by using new and unrivaled apps. Our chatting app development service has grasped social networking platforms for such a long time. We are counted as a highly featured social networking app Development company in the Pakistan. Because of our production and quintessential featuring, we are a warm hugger for social media users. We know what you desire.


    You know many companies copyright other’s software and how this single step might turn out to be the biggest reason for their business to lose its credibility. Just imagine a customer using another company’s business app opens up your company’s app only to find out it’s the same app which he has used before. You know what will happen? It will break his trust into pieces.

    Our professional software engineers always produce unprecedented apps with solutions which give your business a positive impression in the eyes of its users. We have expertise in application development agency from a very long time, not only our engineers know minor details about the business but also know how much sufficient it would be for your business.

    Professionalism does not mean that you can create applications; instead, it focuses on how well you can understand your customer’s needs and expectations before creating. Years of vast experience has taught us, how important it is to analyze the fantasies of customers before creation. Many custom app development firms, as well as applications and logos development companies, make plagiarized content which makes them lose their valuable customers. Are you a customer and afraid to trust companies? Well, say no more! Our satisfied and loyal customers always come to us. It’s our customers who make us one of the leading App Development Company in the Pakistan.

    With our state of the art web development services, generating business revenues has become much more comfortable for our valuable customers. From making static websites to dynamic, e-commerce, and promotional sites, we make sure to fulfill the requirement for all kind of sites according to our customers need. Just inform us what type of website you need for your business, and we will be on our way to making this happen for you.

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