Regbits Private Limited, Lahore, Pakistan
Regbits Private Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

Regbits Private Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

Established In: May 2016
No. of Employees: 10

About Regbits Private Limited Pakistan

  • We integrate global leaders in web development with passionate talented Team to get a unique blend of Quality and Affordability. We are headquartered in Qatar, and work consistent eastern and pacific standard hours. We like ad hoc pairing as necessary, TDD, and working with other agencies to make things happen. We contribute to open source projects and genuinely enjoy coding. We are also committed to teaching, and spreading knowledge!


    There is no margin for error when it comes to commercial projects. Full focus on development process enables us to quickly deliver bug-free products and keep code clean and awesome at the same time.


    Track product development progress in real time through project management systems like PivotalTracker and Trello! Join our daily meetings to discuss related questions with the team directly! We’re always here to help!


    Test-driven development, code review, consistent release workflow, time-proven software testing tools like Rspec and Selinium, and more - we’ve got everything necessary to deliver high-quality products to our clients!

  • Our Services

    Over the years, we are committed to deliver quality services to our respectable local and off-shore clients includes Businesses, Trading companies and Management teams of various organizations. Mainly we are providing:

    Web Development

    Delivering fast, advanced and customized web apps; perfectly suited for your business needs. Highly enthusiastic in working with the latest and emerging technologies recently impacting around the globe.

    Mobile Development

    Next generation devices are now the part of everyone's life and it is very important to keep updated with this fast growing world. We are delivering mobile apps with all types of fast custom components aligned with your business requirements.

    Front-end Designing

    We believe design is the only thing of a common man's interests. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. It's more about quality stuff.

    Product Management

    Product Management is all about the capacity of resources and how you can optimize your resources to get best out of them. We are team of sharp requirement focused individuals who are best in analyzing real time emerging scenarios and their solutions

    Software Quality Assurance

    Requirement validation and verification are the most important part of project. We are delivering the high quality products with global software standards along with test plans, test cases and test automation scripts

    Business Analysis

    Requirement Analysis is the unit while Business Analysis is what can turn over your company with the maximum profits against your resources. Decisions over real data with the history can enable your to make right decision on the right time.

    Marketing Automation

    With the growing audience online and globalisation, there is an immense market that is still untapped. With a little marketing budget you can get the amazing results. Social media bots and email marketing are the leading ways for marketing automation

    Search Engine Optimization

    Rank your website with the keywords mostly searched by the public and millions of buyers online. You can not only excel in reputation but also get leads eventually coverting into profits.

  • Technologies We Use

    We are passionately working on cutting-edge technologies.Our Organization is sum of numerous small speciality divisions whose members are masters of one subject area. These speciality divisions are made around following technologies

    Elixir / Phoenix / Erlang

    Technology For Your Most Ambitious Products.Build Real Time Applications, Dashboards, Messaging Applications using Elixir & Phoenix Web Framework.

    NodeJs / Javascript

    Node.js embodies the power to build faster and scalable real-time applications. Strengthen your back-end with event-driven and speedy Node.js development

    React / Vue / Angular

    We are obsessed with developing beautiful Web Applications. Our development team enjoys building scalable, fast & engaging web applications with top technologies like ReactJs, Vuejs,


    Ruby on Rails

    Building your amazing product or next great version of your existing product? Our all-star Ruby on Rails Development Team can help With over 10+ years as Ruby on Rails agency, we've built great RoR applications for Startups, SaaS & Social Media

    Html / CSS

    As a creative agency ourselves, we've tried so many of the PSD to HTML, CSS conversion services out there. With Reliable PSD, you never have to face that again. We fixed everything broken with Photoshop to HTML, & improved the rest.

    Responsive Designs

    Bootstrap / SASS / SCSS

    Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes

    Mobile Development

    Build stunning mobile apps that delight your users. Hire an all-star mobile app development team to build your Android & iOS app faster, better & smarter. Our expertise in mobile technology & deep understanding of startups and product development bring an unfair advantage for your business

    Hybrid Mobile Apps

    A cross-channel mobility strategy and a goal of faster time to market on iOS and Android mobile app platforms have one thing in common: Hybrid Mobile Frameworks provide a strong alternative to native development. We provide reliable & robust hybrid mobile application development services.

    Database Design

    Relation + Non relation i.e Postgresql, Mongo, MySQL

    Database design is the organization of data according to a database model. The designer determines what data must be stored and how the data elements interrelate. So, they can begin to fit the data to the database model.

Jobs in Regbits Private Limited

Content Writer (Internee) Lahore, Pakistan
Flutter Developer Lahore, Pakistan
Back End Developer Lahore, Pakistan
Search & Data Entry Officer Lahore, Pakistan
Back End Developer Lahore, Pakistan

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10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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