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Industry: Legal Services
Business Entity: Partnership
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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  • About Raza & Associates

    Raza & Associates (R&A) is a intellectual property corporate law firm based in Pakistan with presence in USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia and UAE. We have an exclusive client portfolio that includes Fortune 500 companies as well as Pakistan’s largest textile conglomerate, oldest industrial group, largest micro finance bank and biggest paper and board manufacturer.

    Raza & Associates won Boutique Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year in Pakistan – 2017 at Global Law Experts awards held in United Kingdom. With large and diverse client portfolio and best intellectual property service provider in Pakistan, Raza & Associates feels proud on winning this award.

    With over fifteen years of rich experience and an unmatched growth, we are big enough to handle multidimensional legal issues and small enough to pay special attention to the specific needs of each of our clients. Our sector experience covers all major industries including textiles, cement, steel, education, telecommunications, banking, insurance, media, information technology, domain names, retailing, fashion, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, agriculture products, energy, furniture and foam manufacturing, etc.

  • Our Services

    Our team advises clients with all intellectual property transactions, including their most important and complicated ones and we are well known as a leading practice for this specialty, particularly in regards to transactions with cross-border implications.

    We offer:

    Advice on all forms of transactions and agreements relating to the commercialization of all forms of intellectual property, including acquisition, disposal and licensing;

    Advice on intellectual property holding structures and re-structuring;

    Joint ownership and commercialization agreements, often in the context of the development of rights and split commercialization;

    Protocols for management of intellectual property, including jointly owned portfolios or pools of property;

    Related agreements such as research and development agreements, confidentiality undertakings, and various contracts and practical arrangements for protecting know-how;

    Franchising, merchandising, sponsorship and other forms of transaction based on brands.

    Our services cover all instruments of IP domain, i.e., Trademark, Copyright, Design and Patents and all stages of business cycle; planning, establishing, consolidating and growth.

    Planning: Advice on IP strategies to establish IP assets, secure IP rights, manage risks and leverage investments;

    Establishing: Registering and protecting IP rights;

    Consolidating: Strengthening IP rights, maximizing risk protections and continuous market surveillance;

    Growth: Leveraging and monetizing IP assets to ensure faster business growth.


    Trademark Registration & protection

    Trademark Dispute Resolution

    Trademark Searching & Clearance

    Trademark Filling & Prosecution

    Enforcement of Trademark Rights

    The acquisition, enforcement and licensing of trade marks worldwide

    Trade mark, design and copyright infringement proceedings and passing off

    Trade mark oppositions


    Copyright & Media Registration & Protection

    Copyright Filling and Prosecution

    Licensing of Copyright

    Infringement and enforcement of Copyright

    Arbitration & Dispute Resolution


    Industrial design

    Design clearance and searching

    Design filing and prosecution

    Infringement proceedings


    Patent Registration

    Patent Litigation

    Patent litigation, including claims for or relating to patent infringement, revocation of patents, declarations of non-infringement of patents, relief for groundless ‘threats’ of infringement proceedings, patent amendment, patent ownership/entitlement and employee compensation.

    patent licensing and royalty disputes

    Patent term extension requests

    Patent portfolio and exploitation strategies

    Investigations involving the patent strategies of third parties


    Domain name recovery service for brand owners

    Domain name registration and portfolio management

    Advice for registrars and other intermediaries in domain name cases

    Internet Domain Name


    Active Renewal management can save your business significant money.

    Renewal of Trademarks, Copyrights, Design & Patent.

    Market Surveillance Services

    Our uniquely designed Market Surveillance Services (MSS) continuously reviews risks to IP assets of our clients, update IPR holders and support in IPR protection and enforcements. All our clients as well as selected potential clients receive information through our MSS Free of Cost.

    Review of regulatory publications and market watch.

    Reporting and prosecuting infringement and counterfeiting.

    Risk assessment of deceptive trade names and marks.

    By way of controlling of infringement/counterfeit, we render following services to our clients.

    Identifying the infringers and counterfeiters

    Issuance a legal/warning notices to the infringers/counterfeiters and publication of such notices in the press.

    In case of violation of IP rights; take legal action with concerned law enforcement agencies i.e. Police / Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Custom authorities.

    Lodging of F.I.R against the infringers/counterfeiters before appropriate department.

    Seizure & confiscation of counterfeit goods / products and seizure of premises where applicable.

    Post raid proceedings i.e. contesting of bail and conducting the trial before the Court till final decision.

  • Management Consulting services

    Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces. Our consulting services include the following perspectives:

    Advanced Analytics

    Corporate Finance


    Information Technology

    Mergers & Acquisitions



    Performance Improvement

    Private Equity

    Results Delivery




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