Al Rahim Industries Limited, Nooriabad, Pakistan

Industry: Textiles
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Nooriabad, Sindh, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 1991
No. of Employees: 5000
  • About Al Rahim Industries Limited

    Established in 1991, Al-Rahim is a leading home textile manufacturer and exporter from Pakistan with a modern, state of the art plant & machinery to produce quality products- towels, bedding and kitchen linens. Constructed over an area of 38 acres of land near Karachi, the mill has a vertically integrated setup that allows all production within the premises. With safety and social compliances a top priority, the management has taken all possible precautions for health & safety while also protecting the environment. With a comprehensive product range, and by exporting to world renowned companies, Al-Rahim has developed a strong customer base which is the company's greatest asset. The company believes in having a long term relationship with its customers and relies on both Quality and On-time delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

    Al-Rahim is a family owned business, the Board of directors comprise of visionary businessmen Mr. Abdul Rahim Saya and his two sons Mr. Faisal Rahim Saya, and Mr. Shehzad Rahim Saya. With a passion to remain matchless in the world of home textiles in terms of sustainable business development and growth, Al-Rahim Textile Industries believes in continuously producing world-class quality products for our valued customers. Mr. Shehzad Rahim Saya- a textile graduate and CEO of the company- imparts valuable technical knowhow and skills to the business. Our mission is to produce efficiently while creating value for our customers.

  • Why Al Rahim Textile

    Al-Rahim Textile Industries gives top priority to Health, Safety & Social compliance- and our beliefs and practices are aligned with the Policies & Regulations of our customers. Our factory buildings are well constructed and secure. We conduct periodic fire drills and the workers' health & safety issues are adequately addressed. We have programs for recycling our wastes (hot water & hot air) and we are setting up an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to re-cycle more than 80% of waste water from our production.

    Al-Rahim Textile Industries has valid certificates for its products and facilities and is periodically audited by internationally recognized certification bodies including Oeko Tex 100 Class-I and Class-II , BSCI, C-TPAT, Sedex, GOTS, BRC.

    Al-Rahim Textile Industries has its own independent power generation so as to ensure uninterrupted power supply thereby minimizing loss of production. The unique location of Nooriabad Industrial Area is unaffected by gas shortages which gives us a competitive edge over competition.

    Al-Rahim Textile Industries is one of the largest air jet terry weaving, yarn dyed & jacquard towel capacities in Pakistan. With an annual capacity of 40 Million pounds of finished terry towels, we rely on latest technology to ensure quality and on-time delivery. With independent power generation and negligible shortages in gas supply, Al-Rahim enjoys full capacity utilization as it is not affected by City unrest and strikes and disturbances. Due to vertical integration, all processes are under one management.

    Al-Rahim has direct access to best cotton growing areas of Pakistan giving a competitive cost advantage which is then coupled by continuous efforts towards enhancing efficiency in manufacturing to lower cost, and also the economies of scale- all added up and shared with our customers by way of competitive pricing. The vertical integration not only gives us very good control on all steps of production, but most important, it contributes towards efficiency and lower costs of production which we share with our customer.

    Al-Rahim Textiles has matchless research and development (R&D) expertise which greatly supports our customers in developing bestselling products. We make seasonal design forecast and trend boards which is supported by quick sampling. Al-Rahim Textile Industries produce consistent good quality Home Textile products with the help of latest European Plant & Equipment. Stringent process controls and inline quality is maintained with an agile, well equipped laboratory- to support our manufacturing processes at every step.

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