Digihive, Karachi, Pakistan
Digihive, Karachi, Pakistan

Digihive, Karachi, Pakistan

Established In: Jul 2019
No. of Employees: 10

About Digihive Pakistan

  • DigiHive ~ Think Digital.

    We are a full-service digital marketing, lead generation, website design, social media marketing, and creative agency. Founded and established by a team of professional individuals who have benefitted from a replete experience, harnessing contemporary marketing skills overtime. Our service code is to champion the interests of our clients and meet objectives which they are keen to achieve, in efforts of sharing and maintaining mutually dedicated ambitions.
    Our company devise innovative ideas, work around proven strategies, and create plans according to the desired needs of our clients. With years of presence in the market, we have been able to accumulate a handsome portfolio of clients who take pride in their association with us. At Digihive, we not only work as a service provider but also as a strategic partner, driven by a passion for delivering, and stay on top.

    Software & App Development
    > Mobile app development
    Our company also provides mobile application development services. We take your ideas, accelerate their potential to create fully-functional and engaging apps.
    We follow a series of processes from planning, strategizing your ideas, executing its potential to developing a prototype that undergoes rigorous testing before launch on the biggest hosting platforms like Google Play Store and App Store.
    Our clients come from a vast background and diverse business sectors. They bring in raw ideas, and our experts churn out the potential to make it into an application form.

    Mobile games

    Mobile games are growing remarkably popular nowadays. There is a demand for high-resolution games with intensive environments. Our game developers, level designers, and animators join in together to create state-of-the-art games. We work on innovative ideas and take its potential to develop modern, well-designed games that your audience will enjoy playing and refer to people in their circle.

    Portal development
    We develop different categories of web portals that allow your customers and the general public with a single access point to information. You can use a web portal to provide customer profiles, user manuals, and training offers. A web portal can replicate the characteristics of your business and offer great control. It can also be treated as an effective mechanism to engage with whoever visits your platform.

    Digihive is also an expert on customer relationship management, building a strong interaction between your business and the customers. We use data and insights on existing and potential customers to learn important details regarding their behaviors, preferences, and opinions.

    This data allows us to work on our approach and build a communication protocol which caters to the customers’ utmost needs. This strategy specifically focuses on maintaining a positive interaction, customer retention, and growth of sales by swaying their purchasing power to buy products and services which you may offer.

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