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Industry: Information Services
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
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  • About Together

    Together Group of Companies, established in 2002, is focused on delivering practical and enduring results while equipping our clients to grow and lead. Our implementation specialists work directly with clients to help develop strategic solutions, deal with sustainability issues and develop leadership & workforce skills.

  • Introduction

    TOGETHER-the pioneer in the field of fundraising-is a value driven dynamic Company which by means of open, inclusive and transparent relationship with community-based organizations give ideas and methodology of self-sustainability to credible NPOs (not-for-profit organizations) while maintaining their values and identities.
    Team TOGETHER consists of people who specialize in:
    1. Concept & Strategy
    2. Development
    3. Designing
    4. Marketing
    5. Resource Development & Sales
    6. International Development & Donors Agencies
    All teams work as a support group for each other. Right from the concept and strategy development to the implementation of the marketing & fundraising plan, every activity is sketched with the input of each team.
    1. Concept & Strategy
    The team carries out complete analysis of the institutions and the market before conceiving ideas and chalking the strategy accordingly. The link is picked up by each Department. After analysis, this department creates and initiates the concept and designs, the strategy for every activity, and campaign that needs to be carried out in the best interest of the social organization and the cause.
    2. Development
    This group gives the concepts and information the tight shape that is understandable by the market. They develop awareness and friends plus fundraising modes relevant to the organization and help implement the channels and methods for communications. The team makes sure to equip the marketing & sales with best communicative tools.

    3. Design
    The idea speaks a thousand words if given the right shape. The design team shares in the responsibility by designing the campaigns in the shape that not only attracts the target market but leaves the right impression.
    4. Marketing
    The marketing team is trained in the art of mapping the strategy for taking the organization public. They work out the where, when and how of the campaign and initiate, develop & design the idea that should be taken to a specific market.
    5. Resource Development & Sales
    The Department approaches the targeted market with the message of the organization, and helps realize the ultimate goal of the organization–sustainability. It translates the marketing and fundraising strategy into funds and value addition of the brand of the cause.
    6. International Development & Donor Agencies (IDDA):
    The team finds and channelizes the International Donor & Development Agencies towards supporting the welfare organizations where it fits the interests of both. The purpose is to project the organization and its cause to the international donors ensuring long term sustainability.
    Each step involved, from concept & strategy development to presenting a proposal to the agency, is parallel to what is planned for the indigenous market.
    We work with not-for- profit organizations helping them recognize their strengths and get the necessary support for their work from the general public for their current needs and future sustainability. We workout the strategies in ways which create a positive public image of the institution while creating channels of support that sustain the organization in the long run.
    As said before, Together is working with the Boards of many semi-Government and public organizations. We guide the organizations in streamlining their systems and open portals through which funds flow and help the organization achieve its objectives. We also provide services of marketing, designing, development and strategy mapping in addition to consultancy services.

    An idea is an empty box. No idea is worth anything unless it is put to
    believes in its ideas and puts them into actions. It provides the necessary
    and the knowledge for the benefit of the client organization helping
    Since its inception in 2002, Together has provided sustainable
    categories of charities in such diverse areas as education, health,
    youth, social action, civil rights, environment and performing arts. In
    opening of a whole new career path & an excellent new choice introduced
    generation who seeks a profession that will make a difference to their
    We have offices in Lahore, Karachi and USA. We are working on its
    we will open our office in Islamabad. Currently, we have 60 non-profits
    our panel which include biggest hospitals of Pakistan and other
    situated in Lahore, Karachi & Quetta.
    If you have further query you may contact at [email protected]

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