Pakistan Sweet Home, Islamabad, Pakistan
Pakistan Sweet Home, Islamabad, Pakistan

Pakistan Sweet Home, Islamabad, Pakistan

Business Entity: Nonprofits
Location: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
Established In: Aug 2009
No. of Employees: 150

About Pakistan Sweet Home Pakistan

  • Introduction

    Pakistan Sweet Homes is the project with vision to provide quality living to the orphans who are the marginalized members of this society and deserve the basic rights of education and standard living. “Pakistan Sweet Homes AFP” has been established under the visionary leadership of Mr. Zammurd Khan (Hilal-e-Imtiaz) an Advocate, Ex- Member of National Assembly of Pakistan also a great activist, renowned reformist and Ex Managing Director Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.
    Patron-in-Chief of “Pakistan Sweet Homes AFP” Mr. Zammurd Khan has dedicated his whole life for achieving the mission of Pakistan Sweet Homes. Under the charismatic leadership of Zammurd Khan “Pakistan Sweet Homes AFP” has become the Asia’s largest orphan house in sub-continent, where thousands of little angels are now enjoying the best living standards.

    The journey of Pakistan Sweet Homes started when an orphan child from SWAT was handed over to Bait-ul-Mal. At that time, Bait-ul-Mal had no facility for orphan children. Instead of giving that child up to an orphanage, the Managing Director at that time, Mr. Zammurd Khan decided to establish a facility for such children. Pakistan Sweet Home was established in 2009 to create a home for poor orphan children where they will be provided education, sports and recreational facilities till graduation. Zammurd Khan is a dedicated individual who is committed to his vision of providing quality education and best living facilities to orphans to strengthen their future and bring a paradigm shift in this society where literacy rate is very low and specifically orphan girls’ education is considered to be futile. Basic education is right of every individual, however, unfortunately in our society orphans are deprived of this necessity; it provokes the thought to educate orphans to have bright future.

    The Vision of Pakistan Sweet Home AFP is to support the Little Angels and Fairies who have lost their parents particularly in the wake of acts of terrorism, due to the onslaught of floods and other natural causes. These destitute children are rallied and brought under the shelter of Pakistan Sweet Home AFP. Crossing our threshold, they are bewildered, lonely and confused. It is our endeavor to help them gain their deck feet, calm their nerves and bring them back to normalcy through counseling, education and personal attention to each child. The organization has since expanded and supporting destitute children with boarding, lodging and educational facilities. Stand committed to supporting each child, up to the level of Graduation, thereby ensuring that each one of them leaves Pakistan Sweet Home as a self-sustaining useful member of society. Other than this, Pakistan Sweet Home AFP in collaboration with Pakistan Army has also started a center at Mir Ali North Waziristan for orphan children. We are also working on the new project of World's First Cadet College for Orphan Children and Insha’Allah we will be launching it soon with the help of our donors.


    Pakistan Sweet Homes AFP goal is to help deprived orphans in any part of Pakistan by providing them a platform and develop a pathway to become a leader by enhancing their inner potential through quality education and the best living standards.


    To every poor orphan and provide than quality life and secure them from terrorism. Also, to advance the rights of children regardless of their tribe, race or religion

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