Kas Andz Marketing Group, Lahore, Pakistan

Industry: Computer Software
Business Entity: Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Established In: Jan 2015
No. of Employees: 10
  • About Kas Andz Marketing Group

    We are a selected team of experts gathered from around the world to make the industry’s most effective and best marketing team for your business.

    When you win, we win and we only do that by having the industry-leading experts.

    Kas Andz, a London native, has been involved in internet marketing for the last 7 years, is the founder of Kas Andz Marketing Group with a globally distributed team supporting him.

    Kas bootstrapped the business from his mum’s house leading to rapid growth since having worked with Revolut, VistaJet and even approached by Gartner. He’s since gone on to invest in algorithmic trading, deep dive into nootropics & entrepreneur performance.

    When he’s not running his agency, you’ll find him on the treadmill, researching the latest in consumer trends and running to expos.

    Your Customers Deserve You

    Ecommerce Marketing can be a complicated science but our Ecommerce Marketing Agency will simplify that for you. It ranges from the actual messaging to image percentage, to spam filters, all the way down to the pixel whether an email converts to a sale or not. My partners and I have worked out the formula based on 100s of business types to be able to generate the highest converting customers. That is why we’re the best email marketing agency and the best eCommerce marketing agency in London.

    When you win, we win too.

    The #1 Ecommerce Marketing Agency In London
    That Offers The Following

    Email Services

    Email Marketing is key if you’re operating a B2B, SaaS, eCommerce, or needing affiliate sales. Emails are essential for your successful growth and continued operation. Highest ROI in the industry and a core for your company.

    CRO Services

    Optimize your customer’s experience and journey through your funnel to maximize your revenue and conversions. Save 80% of your ad spend by optimizing your customers experience!

    Digital Consultant

    Our digital consultants have over 35 years of combined experience and have mentored 100s of companies from startups to enterprise, consulting and mentoring industry leaders to get the results they need to succeed.


    SEO is how people find you in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Your site has to have the right keywords, content, alignment and placement in order to be able to rank.

    Linkedin Lead Generation

    LinkedIn is the prominent and perfect service for B2B leads. From leading content to like minded connection and customers. LinkedIn has the power to make or break your business.

    Podcast Booking Services

    Podcasts and their hosts are not just popular stations, they are influencers and are trusted leaders as well. When a trusted host supports YOUR idea, their followers are more inclined to buy and trust your idea.

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