Hashlogics, Lahore, Pakistan

Hashlogics, Lahore, Pakistan

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About Hashlogics Pakistan

  • Hashlogics, a Lahore based software development company having strong debugging and programming skills. We are looking for experienced developers with an energetic personality to join our team.
    We love Javascript and mainly work on MERNSTACK to develop platforms for startups/companies from across the globe. We have worked with and are working with silicon valley startups and our clients include people working for the Fortune 500 such as Apple Inc.
    We have developed Web and Mobile apps for startups in the US, Uk, Canada, etc.

    The History Behind Our Company

    Hashlogics believe that the future is digit’l. We also believe that the denial to embrace new technology whether on personal level or corporate level, stops progress and in some case even destroys companies.

    Hashlogics help companies of all sizes from large companies to medium companies to startups in designing,developing and evolving software that brings their ideas to life and fulfill all their needs.

    From business process inquiry to systems engineering, we provide services tailored to your specific needs to enable an enterprise where all the systems are integrated as work as a whole. We provide ECM, EDM, ERP, CRM and custom apps to not only increase the productivity of your team but also makes managing them a breeze.

Jobs in Hashlogics

MERN Stack Developer Lahore, Pakistan

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