Non-Profit Organization Management Companies in Islamabad Pakistan

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Here's the list of latest Non-Profit Organization Management Companies in Islamabad Pakistan


Pakistan Sweet Home AFP

As Zummarad Khan, Founder & CEO Pakistan Sweet Home narrates, “During a visit to Swat while on a tour of duty with then prime minister Mr. Yousaf Raza Gillani, I was shocked by what I encountered, children were orphaned as a result of Ra

As-suffa Institute

As-Suffa Institute is an educational establishment with a difference. Our aim is to convey the pure teachings of Islam through traditional scholarship, by utilising modern teaching methods and creating a nurturing environment where students are su

Save The Lives

Save The Lives is an community , help the poor and needy through different sources.Save the lives is a non profit org. based theme to help the needy/poor/deserving people of our country.Save the lives will help out the poor /n

Global Peace Chain

Global Peace Chain has its objective to get all the national and international media in its loop to promote the message of love and peace. Media has a very powerful source to promote any message and GPC is well aware of it. Since the adoption of U

Pakistan Sweet Home

IntroductionPakistan Sweet Homes is the project with vision to provide quality living to the orphans who are the marginalized members of this society and deserve the basic rights of education and standard living. “Pak

Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Operating directly in over 40 countries, WFD works with parliaments, political parties, and civil society groups as well as on elections to help make countries’ political systems fairer and more inclusive, accountable and transparent. Alongs

Hanns Seidel Foundation

Hanns Seidel Foundation is a German political foundation working worldwide in the Service of democracy, peace and development having its regional office in Islamabad, PakistanFor democracy, peace and developmentHanns Seidel Fo

UNICEF - United Nations Childrens Fund

UNICEF works to promote and protect the rights and wellbeing of children and women in Pakistan. Since 1948, we have been bringing basic services, including education, health, nutrition, protection, water, sanitation, and hygiene to those who are m

The NGO World

NGOs and individual philanthropists were working separately to help the needy as a result the GOODNESS remained invisible. Although there were individual stories of Social Good to share but hopelessness still prevailed. Thus, Mr. Zafar Iqbal

Rural Development Foundation Pakistan

Rural Development Foundation of Pakistan (RDF), a non-political, non-profit making and non-governmental organization (NGO) recognized at the national as well as international level, was founded in June 1978 and registered under the Societies Act X

College of Youth Activism and Development

The college of youth activism and development is a Pakistan Based non-profit, non-government organization. It works with young people , particularly in the tribal region, as pioneer organization in the areas of peace building, gender-equality, cit

BRAC Pakistan

Our primary schools provide quality and cost effective education to out-of-school children, particularly girls, easing their transition from home into non formal school settings. We are supporting the government of Pakistan to achieve the Vision 2


In 1982, at the end of the liberation wars in Asia and Africa, dictatorships in Latin America collapsed. In the same year, a solidarity and cooperation project with Nicaragua was launched in Bergamo, thanks to the support of one of the major NGOs of

Pakistan Coalition for Education

Vision Statement To ensure free quality education for all, irrespective of gender, religion, and class differences, that promotes peace, tolerance, democracy, and justice and safeguards diversity. Established in 2005, Pakistan Coalition f
Casual Working Environment<br>Provides a good learning environment<br>A good place to develop multi-tasking ability<br><br>

Solidar Switzerland

Solidar Switzerland is a Swiss based International not-for-profit organization, with more than 75 years of work history in around 12 Countries. The programmatic areas of work are Decent Work, Governance, Humanitarian Aid, WASH, Livelihood, and Child

Orphans In Need Pakistan

Orphans in Need is a charitable organization, established in order to help some of the world’s most vulnerable and needy people. Our primary focus is on orphans and widows; often the weakest members of any society, and the most affected by the scourg

Sha'oor Foundation for Education and Awareness

Sha'oor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA) is nonprofit, and a specialist organization in community engagement and strategic communication. SFEA has a strong, and functional network of nongovernment/civil society partners across Pakistan a

Developments in Literacy

Developments in Literacy (DIL) educates and empowers underprivileged students, especially girls, by operating student-centered model schools; and provides high-quality professional development to teachers and principals across Pakistan.

The Kaghan Memorial Trust

The Kaghan Memorial Trust (KMT) is an Islamabad-based non-profit charitable organisation that is building and operating a large school in the Kaghan Valley that provides free education to underprivileged children from that area.


CNFA’s mission is to stimulate economic growth and improve rural livelihoods in the developing world by empowering the private sector.