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Insta Track (Pvt) Ltd., Lahore, Pakistan

Type of Business Entity Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.)
Established In Oct 2, 2012
No. of Employees 15
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

About Insta Track (Pvt) Ltd.

Insta Track is a fleet management company, specializing in GSM/GPRS/GPS vehicle tracking systems. Insta Track help you put a system in place that will enable you to plan your logistics, locate and monitor all your vehicles in real time, be alerted of any issues on route to their destination, be reminded of upcoming vehicle maintenance and a lot more. In essence, Insta Track gives you the control of your vehicles, 24/7, no matter where you are! With the nominal startup costs, the system pays back itself in terms of productivity, efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased profits! Vehicle Tracking and fleet Management Solutions: Keeping accurate track of your vehicles/fleets to effectively dispatch, track and control a dispersed fleet of vehicles and drivers/workers can be a daunting task. With in all-satellite GPS/GSM (GPRS+SMS) solutions from Insta track system, you provide your dispatchers and customers real time information on the exact location and status of all vehicles/assets and operators. Equally important, you may directly commentate with the drivers/operators to efficiently quickly adjust schedules, routs additional pick-ups and stops to minimize wasted time and resources. With Insta track, you get a complete system for mobile resource management that is as powerful and have robust system/solution as it is easy to use. Insta track allows you to go beyond simple vehicle tracing to providing the information you need to run your service or delivery business more safe, secure and profitably.
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