Nice Chain Pvt Ltd, Pakistan

2 Years
40,000 - 50,000 PKR
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Sep 15, 2021
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Dec 14, 2021

Job Description

Write Purchase Orders

Purchasers purchase items from vendors and suppliers, filling out all necessary purchase orders.


Purchasers shop for the best available deals on needed items by looking up prices from multiple vendors and suppliers to find the highest-quality items for the lowest price.

Process Orders

Purchasers process purchase orders, updating digital files as needed to record purchases made, when money has been received, and all other relevant information.

Monitor Inventory

Purchasers monitor and maintain inventory levels, ordering new items as needed to keep the inventory fully stocked and supplied.

Ensure Delivery

Purchasers ensure that purchased orders are delivered by coordinating with warehouse and transport staff.


Purchasers negotiate new contracts with existing and new vendors and suppliers.

Manage Relationships

Purchasers locate new vendors and establish working relationships with them. They also maintain existing vendor and supplier relationships.

Job Specification

Leadership – to work closely with warehouse staff and other staff members within the company, ensuring they are managing purchases properly on their end of the supply chain

Communication – purchasers work in a collaborative environment that requires coordination with other departments and negotiation with vendors

Computer skills – to keep digital files updated and manage purchase orders

Multi-tasking – to manage multiple duties and responsibilities at once

Organization – to maintain purchase order paperwork and digital files, monitor inventory systems, and ensure deliveries

Detail-oriented – to find the best rates for purchased items and maintain inventory levels

Nice Chain Pvt Ltd

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