Virtual Assistant For Finances, Taxes, Recruitment, Budget, Payroll, Management - Remote

Virtual Assistant For Finances, Taxes, Recruitment, Budget, Payroll, Management - Remote
Innovate United, Pakistan

100 - 400 USD
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Jan 10, 2022
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Apr 8, 2022

Job Description

All workers are required to speak fluent professional english, and work collaboratively as a team during real-time scheduled sessions. We currently have 6 paid team positions. Recruitment Coordinator, Payroll & Token Coordinator, Americas Executive Deputy Assistant, Budget & Taxes Coordinator, Evaluations Coordinator, and Africa/Asia Team Coordintor.

In the short term our primary work is operational, accounting, asset management and financial support to just build a functional organization. The position is Real-Time and so you have to be available to get on conference calls for audio connection, and do screen shares over the internet during daylight hours in the Americas. Additionally you will need to be available 1-5 times per month for Global Sessions that can happen at all times of Day or in the middle of the Night.

Benefits of working with FQN:

You can work remotely from anywhere in the globe.

You can represent your city and country to the world.

You can choose your own pay rate and you can change your pay rate at any time, Note: Pay Rate changes take effect 6 weeks after Full Moon.

We offer overtime (1.5x) and Double Overtime (2x) for night work as we have sessions at all times of day and night.

As a start up social profit organization, you build ownership equity within the workers organization and the network as we accomplish our goals the value will increase. This includes equity ownership and monthly token distributions. We also distribute value and tokens for anyone who applies, so be sure to send us your tron wallet address to get your tokens.

Cover costs of coronavirus testing, and out of pocket costs related to coronavirus treatmentment, and paid quarenteens.

Opportunity to build up backpay Benefits gradually on your involvement. For those who accumulate Back Pay Benefits, you get . . . Paid Leave, Paid sick leave, Paid vacation leave, Twice per Year Bonuses, Paid Health Support and Expenses etc…

Automatic Paid Maternity & Paternity Leave

FQN pays agreed upfront amounts for the final money received into your bank account to cover monthly personal expenses, not fees and business costs. Any and all costs of money transfers, fees, exchange rates, and even taxes can be reimbursed. Additionally we reimburse extra costs of doing work including travel, internet cafes, and differences for internet costs for working with FQN.

As far as tracking hours and working, we use a new diversified income model. Therefore you are welcome to work with other freelance employers as well. You typically start with about 3-4 responsibilities. Each responsibility will be 1.5 hours of work, which is about 6 hours per week. You can quickly start taking on more responsibilities. To work a full time job of 30+ hours per week, you will need a minimum of 20 responsiblities.

We have a 30 hour work week, which means for all hours over 30 hours, you get overtime equity and backpay benifits, with options for output bonuses if you are actually completing tasks and responsibilities. It takes being assigned 20 responsiblites for 1.5 hours each to be equlivenet to 30 hours full time.

Job Specification

Skills we are looking for and will help train:

Google Spreadsheets

Admin Support

Data Entry



Self Organization

Self Motivation

Email Handling

Attention to Detail

Step up and take on Positions

Create and update Scalable Systems, Process, and Position descriptions

Show Up On-time and ready for Engagement

Minimum Requirements and Criteria to continue working:

Fluent Professional level English

Professional Communications and Conduct

Follow detailed step by step instructions

Follow All Policies & Protocols including Public Accountability

It also helps to know some about crypto.

Job Rewards and Benefits

Incentive Bonus

Innovate United

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