Econometrics Expert

Econometrics Expert
Max Inc., Pakistan

2 Years
45,000 - 50,000 PKR
Job Type
Full Time
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Career Level
Masters in Econometrics
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2 Jobs
Posted on
Feb 4, 2023
Last Date
Dec 27, 2023

Job Description

Miracle Solutions LLC is looking for "Econometrics Expert" who would be responsible for;

  • Using statistical methods and mathematical models to analyze economic data and make predictions about economic trends and phenomena.
  • Designing and conducting econometric studies.
  • Developing and implementing econometric models.
  • Analyzing data using regression analysis and other advanced statistical techniques.
  • Interpreting results.

Job Specification

An advanced econometrics expert should possess the following skills:

  • Strong knowledge of economics, statistics, and mathematics: They should have a deep understanding of economic theories and models and a solid foundation in statistical methods and mathematical models.
  • Econometric modeling expertise: They should have extensive experience developing and implementing econometric models, and be familiar with various regression analysis techniques and other advanced econometric methods.
  • Data analysis skills: They should be able to collect, clean, and analyze large datasets, and have a strong understanding of the statistical techniques used for data analysis.
  • Programming skills: They should have experience with econometric software and programming languages such as R, Stata, EViews, etc.
  • Problem-solving skills: They should be able to identify and solve complex economic problems, and develop effective solutions.
  • Collaboration skills: They should be able to work effectively in a team environment and collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.
  • Adaptability: They should be able to adapt to new technologies, methods, and data sources as they arise, and continuously improve their skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Job Rewards and Benefits

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