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Muhammad Fahad

Manager ICT at mycart Pvt. Ltd.
Experience: 14 Years
Location: Karachi , Pakistan

Professional Summary

An ambitious, self-motivated and responsible individual. Ability of working as an individual as well as in groups too. Have the desired ability to adapt well to pressure, enjoying the challenges and looking forward to new opportunities. From the perspective, attitude, conduct and honesty are beyond reproach.

business Experiences

  • Apr 2017 - Currently working
    Manager ICT
    mycart Pvt. Ltd.
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Create a vision for ICT within the organization, communicate it to employees and lead and motivate the team to achieve the vision.
      • Citing the importance of IT infrastructure which serves as a backbone in an e-commerce company carefully designing the network with redundancy, planning the installation and implementation of network system ensuring connectivity 24x7 for inhouse users at mycart KHI HO, inter-connectivity of LHE and KHI branches with HO over L2 and remote sites of petromarts with the HO.
      • Responsible for the configuration, installation maintenance of network and system infrastructure that includes CISCO switches (3750, 3560P, 2960x POE), WLCs (KHI: WLC 5500, LHE: WLC: 4400) and Juniper Switches ( EX-4300, QFX-5100, EX-2300),Juniper Router ( MX-5, MX-104) CISCO IP Phones (7960, SPA502G), Elastix server, Call Center Solution and CRM server, Barracuda NGF F80, CCTV (NVR and IP Cameras), Network Printers (RICOH 5001, 5502), thermal printers, QR code/barcode 2D/3D scanners
      • Develop an ICT strategy which identifies the future direction of the use of technology within the organization to drive efficiencies.
      • Apply a structured methodology and lead change management activities. Prepare and implement project plans to achieve the desired outcomes
      • Observing the organizational procedures, creating SOPs and incorporating them in the system development to keep strong controls and bringing in automation for smooth operations
      • Evaluating the system or procedural flaws and curtailing them through technological advancements adding more efficiency to the system ensuring customer excellence.
      • Coordinating with divisional or departmental heads for the development of BI. Generating reports to keep a check on KPIs and helping the HoDs to track the deliverables with automated reporting system.
      • Control and manage the project resources and budget
      • To be the senior technical manager and to contribute to the development, implementation and review of mycart’s corporate strategies, annual project plans, policies and procedures
      • Responsible for ICT infrastructure nationwide, ensuring the maximum availability of the technology infrastructure which is extremely critical to the business operations of the company
      • Responsible for maintaining the SIEM server take action accordingly for any incident reported by the SIEM in order to protect the application servers and the network infrastructure of the organization..
      • Responsible to develop and maintain the IT & IS policy and accompanying standards, procedures and guidance.
      • To ensure 24 x 7 x 365 availability of ICT and that the issues are being responded on time avoiding any interruption to business operations
      • Managing the team for ICT, responsible for their recruitment, on-boarding, training and development. Delegating the adequate responsibilities and guiding them to ensure they meet their KPIs.
  • Apr 2016 - Mar 2017
    Manager Network & Strategic Development
    Unravel Technologies Ltd.
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Planning and designing the global VPN server network. Coordinating with data centers globally, negotiating best prices and commissioning the servers on time to meet the deadlines by establishing a healthy working relationship with the account managers of the DCs.
      • Responsible to act as a PM to plan and arrange resources required for any particular project, event and managing the timelines. Responsible for inter departmental coordination.
      • Taking the lead role in application and software development for instance apps and website. Coordinating with inhouse developers, freelancers. Working towards the application design, application flow and overseeing the entire development process ensuring on time delivery of the software
      • Responsible for all kind of external correspondence for instance IPv4 registries (APNIC, ARIN, RIPE), hosting companies or arranging any kind of tool required by Marketing, System operations and Development team.
      • Closely working with Systems and Network team advising them on technical grounds in order to align their contribution with the Marketing goals
  • Aug 2015 - Apr 2016
    Cyber Security Analyst
    Gaditek Associates (PureVPN)
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Formulated Information Security Policy, DR policy and procedures and ensuring it’s compliance
      • Proposing the SOC departmental structure, identifying the right skill set required for inducting appropriate resources for team building and developing SOPs
      • Performing R&D to shortlist the tools required for SOC operations and performing the POC before making any final decision of procurement
      • Coordinating with principals, vendors and international datacenters for hosting our products and ensuring the on time delivery of products and services after financial negotiations
      • Primarily responsible to ensure the security of 400+ servers who are publicly exposed and hosted in more than 120 different datacenters across 80 countries around the globe. Mitigating and minimizing the threats posed to the servers due to the absence of our own network infrastructure and parameter firewall or router.
      • Performed the POC of different SIEM products available in the market for instance HP ArcSight, IBM QRadar, AlienVault and McAfee ESM Nitro. Chose the McAfee ESM Nitro after the POC and purchased the product after extensive negotiations with the vendors and principal
      • Architectural designing for the deployment of McAfee ESM Nitro Virtual appliance. Designed the infrastructure over vCenter server ver 6.0 with vMotion and storage vMotion in order for ensuring maximum SLA of the ESM Nitro
      • Shortlisted the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools for instance Rapid7 Nexpose and Metasploit. Regular testing of the servers for the vulnerabilities and the threats they are exposed to, advising the operations team for the mitigation of the identified threats
      • Advising the organization on different technical and strategic avenues to improve the service, offering add-on services to clients for generating more revenue sources
      • Experience working with different Linux distributions Kali Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu
  • Oct 2014 - Aug 2015
    Manager IT
    Casual Sports Wear (EPZ)
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Responsible for overseeing entire IT operations
      • Supervising the network support team and software development team
      • Responsible for internal and external communications on behalf of I.T. department
      • Advising the management for introducing technology within the organization to help achieve the business goals
      • Bringing improvement in the network performance through the induction of manageable switches, having gig uplink and server farm operating on 10 gig
      • Ensuring minimum internet downtime by maintaining redundant internet connection through different ISP and IP SLA
      • Performing traffic shaping, and controlling internet access through NGN firewall for bandwidth conservation and blocking unproductive traffic resulting in wastage of bandwidth
      • Configuration and management of vlans, inter vlan routing, VRRP and ACLs for network resiliency and securing the network.
      • Performing system analysis coordinating with the requisite departments, finalizing the DFD for any changes or addition to the ERP. Liaising with the software development team to ensure timely delivery of the required changes.
      • Configuring, managing and maintaining ADDS, FS, FTP, DNS, DHCP servers hosted on Windows Server 2008R2 and HP ML-360 and DL-360 G5 and G6 servers
      • Operational controlling and maintenance of ERP server hosted on Windows server 2008R2
      • Managing and maintaining database of different applications based on SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition
      • Configuration and management of Microsoft TMG server, providing users controlled and secure access to internet as per company policy and IT compliance. Increased bandwidth conservation by allowing only legitimate applications over internet and blocking free VPN and open proxies through HTTPs inspection.
      • Configuration and management of Storage server (NetApp DS14 Mk2 AT )
      • Taking routine backups through centralized server over tape drives of all the servers and user data retained over file server
      • Coordinating with vendors for all kind of IT purchases
  • Jan 2014 - May 2014
    Manager IT
    HUM TV Networks
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Performed gap analysis in current IT infrastructure and pointed out the loop holes in network and system topology
      • Proposed modular network architecture, enhancing network capacity, redundancy and failover links to ensure maximum up time
      • Proposed IT budget FY 2014-2015 to the executive management for review.
      • Formulated and enforced different SOPs for IT Purchases and change management procedure for Oracle financial system in order to maintain transparency, smooth functioning and proper documentation.
      • Working on IS Audit report FY 2013 to ensure compliance and execute the deliverables.
      • Responsible to formulate and deploy long-term strategic plans for acquiring and enabling efficient and cost-effective information processing and communication technologies.
      • Managed IT department's operational and strategic planning, including business requirements, project planning, and organizing and negotiating the allocation of resources.
      • Handed over IT operations to Sapphire Consulting outsourced team at HUM after upgrading the infrastructure.
  • Jul 2012 - Oct 2013
    Group I.T. Manager (www.engworldwide.com)
    Emirates Neon Group
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Travelling to different offices of ENG across Middle East as and when required.
      • Ensuring smooth interconnectivity between all the offices of ENG across middle east, Asia and Africa via IPsec VPNs in Hub & Spoke topology having Dubai as the hub of the VPN configured over ASA 5510 and CISCO routers for the connectivity with UNIX servers
      • Configuration and management of CISCO WLAN controllers and CISCO lightweight access points
      • Administration and management of UNIX based MIS
      • Responsible for the centralized configuration and management of door access control system
      • Responsible for VPN connectivity between different offices of ENG across Asia, Middle East and Kenya.
      • Creating annual budget and getting it approved by the management by presenting appropriate cost vs benefit analysis. Also justifying I.T. investments with ROI
      • Formulating I.T. policies and their enforcement across the organization
      • Configuring and maintaining ftp servers over Windows 2008R2 for the exchange of heavy CAD and graphics files between the offices
      • Configuring and maintaining AD, file servers and DNS servers over Windows 2008 R2 platform
      • Configuring and maintaining HP DL-380 G5 servers, configuring RAID over the hard drivers and ILO for remote administration of the servers
      • Configuring and maintaining CISCO 2811 and 2600 routers, CISCO switches 2950, 2960 and HP Procurve 2620-24-POE, 2620-48
      • Configuration and management of IP based DVRs, CCTVs and IP based cameras
      • Responsible for scheduled backup of user profiles, critical data and file server.
      • Maintaining and managing various registered domains, web, mail and ftp hosting accounts. Their administration and timely renewals.
  • Jan 2010 - Feb 2012
    Deputy Manager IT
    The Hunar Foundation
    Karachi, Pakistan
      • Formulating IT policy, their enforcement and implementation across the organization.
      • Preparing annual IT budget
      • Ensuring maximum network uptime and ensuring on time response and quick remedy to any network or system related complaint
      • Responsible for new system integration, connectivity of any new branch or existing branch office with the HO.
      • Configuring routers (CISCO 2500, 2600, 1721, 2621 XM), switches (CISCO L2: 2950, CISCO L3: 3560), configuring and troubleshooting WAN and Internet connectivity.
      • Configuring and Managing File Servers, AD, FTP and ISA Server 2006, Forefront TMG over Windows Server 2008 R2.
      • Configuration and management of HP ML 350 G4 & G5 servers, configuring HP ILO for remote administration of servers.
  • Nov 2006 - Feb 2009
    Multiple positions specified in the experience
    Multinet Pakistan Pvt Ltd (a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia)
    Karachi, Pakistan

    Asst. Manager Access Network Infra Development

    • Deputed as a Project Manager for METRONET expansion in 21 cities across the nation, surveying different cities METRO expansion, preparing the project feasibility and budgeting.
    • Upon the approval of project plan, executing the project liaising with the contractor for civil works and the underground OFC to be laid. Installing Optical nodes, Ethernet switches and making the layer 2 network ready for the services.
    • Building the team of engineers and technicians in each city and providing them with adequate training.

    Responsibilities as Team Leader NGN Services (Karachi & Lahore):

    • Responsible for access network on METRO Ethernet Network, deployments and commissioning of the clients.
    • Deploying metro nodes, installing and configuring CISCO switches.Also working on the redundancy by creating ring protection and enabling MSTP/RSTP over the network.
    • Transporting E1s through METRONET up to the SDH for IPLC/DPLC/IP-Transit
    • Forwarding proper costing to the sales for new METRONET customers, attending pre sales meetings with the Sales for a better understanding of technical requirements of the customers

    Projects Accomplished

    • Developing METRONET team in Lahore for the newly laid 48 core network over 80 km in Lahore
    • Planning and commissioning of optical nodes in Lahore and their execution, also worked on ring protection on fiber for redundancy
    • Integrating TDM & IP traffic on access network and transporting it to the core network.
    • Testing of TDMoIP equipments

    Responsibilities as a Senior Executive Quality Control:

    • Primarily ensure customer satisfaction keep customers intact and pull all technical/non-technical customer related departments for immediate solution for customers’ problem
    • Arranging daily interdepartmental and weekly operational meeting, discussing day to day issues. Composing the minutes of the meeting and forwarding to top management CEO/COO/CTO & CFO.
  • Aug 2005 - Nov 2006
    Project Manager
    Karachi, Pakistan


      • Attending meetings with the new and existing clients getting their requirements corresponding with the technical team and then coming up with the proposal.
      • Designing the AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for the client.
      • Providing clients with the network and desktop support as per their contract and support call, deputing appropriate technical staff for the job.
  • Mar 2005 - Aug 2005
    Network Administrator
    The Lyceum School Karachi
    Karachi, Pakistan
    • Maintaining and managing Internet and Database Servers and providing desktop support.
    • Maintaining ISA Server and creating appropriate policies for giving controlled access to the users. Also maintaining FTP and HTTP servers created on IIS in Windows 2000 Server.
  • Apr 2002 - Mar 2005
    Multiple positions as specified in the experience
    Multinet Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
    Karachi, Pakistan

    As an Asst. Manager Online Tech. Support:

    • Managing a 24*7 operational on call Support Department, creating roster to ensure the availability of the department round the clock.
    • Sending weekly reports to the top management giving the statistical overview of the complaints received.
    • Configuring MRTGs of client’s circuit in order to monitor traffic and bandwidth utilization on client’s network.

    As a DSL Support Engineer:

    • Providing onsite support to the DSL clients, troubleshooting their problem and providing them desktop support.
    • Configuring broadband routers.
    • Configuring and troubleshooting VPNs.

school Academics

  • Oct 2010
    Certification - CCNP (TSHOOT)
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 88%
    After clearing the TSHOOT exam I am CCNPv6 certified now.
  • Aug 2010
    Certification - JNCIS-SEC
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 96%
  • Aug 2010
    Certification - JNCIA-JUNOS
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 97.5%
  • Jul 2010
    Certification - JNCIA-EX
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 98%
  • Jun 2010
    Certification - BSCI (CCNP)
    CISCO Systems
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 88.5%
  • Jun 2010
    Certification - JNCIA-ER
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 95%
  • Jan 2010
    Certification - JNCIS-ER
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 98%
  • May 2009
    Certification - BCMSN
    Cisco Systems
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 95.5
  • Jan 2009
    Certification - CCNA
    Cisco Systems
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 95%
  • Feb 2004
    Preston Institute of Management Sciences & Technology
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 3.5

build Skills

  • Cisco
  • Metro Ethernet

link Affiliations

  • Active Member
    Oct 2008 - Jan 2012
    Cisco Learning Network, Karachi, Pakistan

language Languages

  • Urdu
    (Fluent - Full Knowledge)
  • English
    (Fluent - Full Knowledge)
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