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Kashif Manzoor

Assiatant Manager Networks at National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited
Experience: 6 Years
Location: Karachi , Pakistan

Professional Summary

I am motivated and educational experienced and have skills in monitoring Network Configuration, installation and troubleshooting network problems in challenging environment and want to be involve in work where I can utilize my skills and creatively involved with systems that effectively contributes to the growth of organization.

business Experiences

  • Oct 2016 - Currently working
    Assiatant Manager Networks
    National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited
    Karachi, Pakistan

    Configured Fortinet UTM for IP/Port, DMZ, Web-filter, IPS, Email, DLP & App-controls. (Fortigate, Forti Analyzer and Forti Manager)
    Implemented OSPF routing on Cisco routers & Fortinet firewall between nationwide sites.
    Configured High-Availability (Active-Active) mechanism between Fortinet devices.
    Configured Policy-based routing, Ether-Channel, ACL & Port security on Cisco 6500, 3800 & Juniper EX3200 & EX4200 series switches.
    Configured Juniper & Cisco routers to accommodate network needs of corporate clients.
    Implemented 2-Factor (OTP) authentication (Hardware/Software tokens) on Fortinet Authenticator for LDAP users.
    Involved in Data/IP based project for DSL users to use NCCPL applications over internet to remove legacy ISDN connection.
    Configured Forti Clients for IP-Sec VPN / DSL users.
    Configured and administrated IPSec Site-to-Site VPN between Fortigate and Cisco ASA.
    Managed Cisco wireless controllers 2500 series for binding Mac-addresses to provide secure environment by using Cisco AIRCAP 1600 & 2700 series APs.
    Configured Web filtering and Email filtering in Fortinet firewall, allowing and restricting specific domains for specific users as per NCCPL policy.
    Monitoring for overall Network Infrastructure by using NMS (WhatsUpGold).
    Verifying MTS broadcasting UDP ports by using wireshark packet sniffer.
    Provided technical presentation and explanation to the customer technical team to facilitate business.
    Verifying all devices and dark core links status and documenting check list on daily basis.
    Analyzing and verifying overall email logs which has been blacklisted / spammed.
    Coordinating with different vendors for SLA / RMA activities and ISPs for L2 & dark core links maintenance.
    Modifying firewall rules and policies to allow or deny different services as per NCCPL Policy.
    Monitoring tunnels connectivity among HO, DR, ISB and LHR Office using different NMS Servers.

  • Jun 2015 - Jun 2016
    Manager IT / NOC
    GCS Pvt. Limited
    Karachi, Pakistan
    -> Maintain and Configure Virtualization in Windows & Linux environment using VMware Hypervisor VSphere Esxi 5.0 / 5.5.
    -> Configure Data Center and host configuration in VCenter5.
    -> Avaya IP Phone PABX server installation and configuration of IP Phones using IP Office Manager.
    -> Configuration and installation of Blade Servers [Dell, HP & IBM].
    -> Troubleshooting and configuration of Chassis in Blade Server.
    -> Configuration of redundant Active Directory in windows server environment with FSMO rules.
    -> Configuring RAID Controller [Raid Level 0,1,5,10].
    -> Monitoring in GFI Web Monitoring / Filtering.
    -> Supervising GCS NOC team, maintaining NMS, MRTG, PRTG.
    -> Setup patch panel, cable manager and rack Management.
    -> Juniper Firewall Configuration and test penetration.
  • Nov 2013 - May 2015
    Network Engineer
    Karachi, Pakistan
    · SystemSide
    o GCS Internal Network Design and Server installation / Configuration.
    o Install, Configure and Monitoring of DNS Server, Active Directory, DHCP, WDS, File Services, DFS and Print Services.
    o Install, Configure and Monitoring Forefront TMG 2010, Firewall Rules, Malware Inspection, Web Proxy, Web Caching, HTTPS Inspection, URL Filtering, TMG Client for Proxy Server.
    o Monitoring of IP AVAYA phone.
    o Install and Configure Solarwind Orion 10 for SNMP Monitoring GCS Internal network.
    o Maintain and Configure Virtualization in Windows & Linux environment using VMware Hypervisor VSphere Esxi 5.0 / 5.5
    o Avaya IP Phone PABX server installation and configuration of IP Phones using IP Office Manager.
    o Configuration and installation of Blade Servers [Dell, HP & IBM].
    o Troubleshooting and configuration of Chassis in Blade Server.
    o Configuration of redundant Active Directory in windows server environment with FSMO rules.
    o Configuring RAID Controller [Raid Level 0,1,5,10]
    o Configuration of SAN and RAID Levels.
    o Virtualization of Servers (Type 1 & Type 2 Both)
    o Installation and configuration of Vmware Vcenter server 5 / Vsphere 5 hypervisor.

    · Pure Networking (GCS Metro Network L2)

    o Configure Metro Network Layer 2 in Maipu Switches S4300, S4100 and S3100.
    o Monitoring and provide support to GCS Clients for both (Manageable & Dark Core Fiber)
    o Configure and Monitoring SNMP of Maipu Switches using Cacti Server (Linux Based) and Solarwind Engineering Tool and Solarwind Orion 10.
    o Monitoring of fiber links.
    o Rate Limiting and traffic shapping (Bandwidth Control Port based)
    o Configuration and Monitoring of VLANS (Trunk and Access Ports).
    o VLAN Based OSPF routing between POP connectivity.
    o Configure and monitor Storm Control, Loopback detection, Flap detection, ErrDisable
    o Monitoring of GCS NOC at Shahra-e-Faisal. (AAA, Bandwidth Limitation Port / VLAN Based)
    o Port Security and Violation actiono Installation and configuration of Squid Proxy / Cache Server in linux
    o Configuration of Mikrotik {Routing, VPN, PPTP, PPPoE, Web Proxy}
    o Intrusion detection using Snort IDS
  • Dec 2011 - May 2012
    CCNA Instructor
    Global Networks Academy
    Quetta, Pakistan
    Teaching CCNA (Routing and Switching) having regular and executive classes
  • Mar 2010 - Mar 2010
    Internship in NBP
    National Bank Of Pakistan
    Quetta, Pakistan
    Internship in NBP IT department, regional Branch, Quetta Cantt

school Academics

  • May 2015
    Master's - MSIT
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 3.3
    Major Subjects, Metro Ethernet Network, Information Security & Assurance, Telecom Management, Network Security Management
  • Feb 2012
    Bachelor's - BSIT
    Quetta, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 3.28
    Major Subject Networking.. (DCN & NSM) Final Project.. (USCSN) Utility Store Corporation Secure Network
  • Aug 2007
    Intermediate - FSC in ICS
    The Educators College
    Quetta, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 2nd
    Computer Subjects like C language and inter related subjects
  • May 2005
    St. Francis Grammar High School
    Quetta, Pakistan
    Grade/GPA: 2nd
    Computer subjects like GWBasic, MS.Office, hardware and software

work Projects

  • Comparison of Layer 2 VPN Services (E-Line) transported over MPLS networks. (Academic Research)
    Jun 2014 - Dec 2014
    As Independent Study - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
    Ethernet is no more limited to LAN only and it has been very common practice by large telecom operators to deploy Ethernet for their WAN services as well. The obvious advantages of using Ethernet for carrier class networks is its simplicity, low cost, guaranteed QoS, reliability and scalability among other benefits. Carrier class Ethernet can run over various transport technologies including SDH, DHDM, Q-in-Q and MPLS. MPLS is widely used by almost all large operators around the world due to its obvious benefits. While Using MPLS transport network, an operator can choose between VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) and VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service) for providing reliable layer 2 VPN Services to its customers. A common inquiry does arise by customers requiring point-to-point service about section between VPLS and VPWS. This study (IS) is targeted to answer this question by performing enhanced comparison between two options. This study will use several parameters like throughput, packet loss, response time, resources utilization, bandwidth utilization, etc. in order to make a judgment between two. Hopefully this study will assist telecom operators in making better decision.
  • Performance Evaluation of Reactive, Proactive and Hybrid routing protocols in MANET. (Academic Research)
    Jan 2013 - Jun 2013
    As Independent Study - SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
    A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of self organized wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without the aid of any fixed and physical infrastructure and centralized administration control stations. The main difference between Wireless ad-hoc network and Mobile Ad hoc network is moving of nodes (mobility) in the network with variation of speed. Every node in MANET moves arbitrarily making the multi-hop network topology to change randomly at unpredictable times. Its a challenging task for MANET to control Network topology in dynamically movement of nodes. One of the distinctive features of MANET is designed as each node must be able to act as a router to find out the optimal path to forward a packet. To find optimal path, an efficient routing algorithm required. The main differences in routing protocol mechanism can define by measurable amount of variation in performance. The main purpose of this network is to provide a rapid means of communication, computing and applications.
  • Utility Store Cooperation and Secure Network (USCSN) (Academic)
    Jun 2011 - Dec 2011
    As Team Leader - BUITEMS, Quetta, Pakistan

build Skills

  • Designing LAN / WAN infrastructure
  • Routing and Switching
  • Servers Windows / Linux
  • Subnetting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Virtualization VMware, Virtual Box

pages Certifications

  • CNSS
    May 2020
    International Cyber Security Institue, Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
  • NSE 4
    May 2020
    Fortinet, Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
  • CCNP Route
    May 2015
    Cisco, Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
    CCNP Route 300-101 Version 2
  • CCNP Switch
    Apr 2015
    Cisco, Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
    CCNP Switch 300-115 version 2
  • HCNA (H12-211)
    Mar 2015
    Prometric, Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
    HCNA HNTD (H12-211)
  • CCNP
    Jun 2012
    Cisco, Karachi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
    Routing, Switching & T-Shoot version 1
    Implementation of Routing protocols, switching with policy based routing and troubleshooting
  • CCNA
    Nov 2011
    Cisco, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Grade/Score: A
    Troubleshooting CCNA related Problems, maintenance of LAN/WAN and implementation of security policy

receipt Publications

  • Performance Evaluation of Reactive, Proactive and Hybrid routing protocols in MANET
    (Articles presented as prestigious conferences)
    Jun 2013
    Author(s): Kashif Manzoor
    Publisher: JISR SZABIST, Karachi, Pakistan
    A mobile Ad Hoc network is a decentralized communication of self configured wireless ad hoc network without any fixed or physical infrastructure. Many routing protocol support MANET to communicate but it’s become challenging task when there is movement of nodes, so that each node enters and leave the network and makes change in networks environment. Each node must act as router to route packet from source to destination. This paper is intended to a performance comparison of proactive routing protocol (AODV, DSR), reactive routing protocol (DSDV, DSR) and Hybrid routing protocol (ZRP) in terms of end-to- end delay, average jitter, average throughput, packet delivery ratio and Normalized Routing Load with different number of nodes. Simulation is performed in NS2 simulator Linux based.

language Languages

  • English
    (Conversational - Limited)
  • Urdu
    (Conversational - Advanced)

stars Portfolio

  • undefined
    LAN WAN Implementation for a large Hotel.(Personal)
    Jan 2016
    Demo Karachi, Pakistan
    This design includes LAN and WAN for a new implementation in large Hotel. It consists of multiple buildings and includes small WiFi implementation also.
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