There are many aspects which compel me to write about the tips and techniques about writer and writing. Being a writer is not unique job but being a creative writer is one of the unique job in the world in the entire life.Well as what I think there are some aspects and rules (you may say something else) which let you to be one of the creative writer, as what I thought I wrote below;
  • What you think?
  • How you think?
  • Why you think?
  • Study out-of-Course Books(General).
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Never Die (Disappoint).
  • Write yourself.
  • Write society.
  • Write out of the Circle.
  • Read what you thought and wrote.
1. What you think?
As I thought;

It is initiative for thinking to think before thinking. M-L

What you think, is most needy part of thinking that you have to know about whats going on and you have to be aware that you are thinking what are these? Are they happened or happening near you ?
2. How you think?
You can think whatever because as I belief that every human being think while she/he is conscious or not, but here how to think is regarding to you that how you think to be a perfect thinker, its not necessary that you follow someone else about thinking, that how he thought and where he thought how much in a day blah blah You have to free your self in your thought rather you are a slave.
3. Why you think?
It’s the most common question that I mostly asked myself that why I think? You have to aware your self about your thought by writing them in your own words an knowledge, because thinking no needs of knowledge.
4. Study out-of-Course Books(General)
Reading books is one of the good habit that mostly people say, but study about general books which wrote about different topics let you mind to blow with knowledge and also compel you to relate what is going around you.
5. Believe in yourself
Ahahaha you can’t do it? Its not belong to you? These are the two common sentence that most time you and I listen when we want to do something different, also form our beloved that you can if you want to, but still we get confuse that what to do? That’s what our inner human being is sleeping and we never ever do a work what we trust we always do or choose what other believe. For being a good writer as well a good human we have to believe on ourselves, that id we choose we can do it.
6. Never Die (Disappoint)
Its up to you that you want to die or live, because in life there we face many challenges in our daily life but its not that we have disappoint from what we did and how we did. It’s up to people that what you think as you believe in yourself you can proof that what I did is right and how ?, but when you disappoint and get confuse that what to do then you will die a half that time. To avoid confusing and let yourself ready then you must follow the above two points that believe in yourself and read general books.
7. Write yourself
ts may be a bit confusing that writing yourself that how and what to write, but as what I believe that if I can write about myself I could write a book of more then 1000 pages, because its you who can judge yourself in every field and actions no one have more ability to judge you more then yourself. You know that when and how to solve a problem.
8. Write Society
As before i said that writing is not unique but creative writing is unique, first you have to start writing about your society that how your society is , what are the negative and positive aspects , how people thought and what are their psyche , how and what are their belief, mean you have to write everything that you are aware about your society. But not follow that before someone wrote about your society , write it in your own words.
9.Write out of the Circle
As we listens that earth is moving around the sun, yap the earth is moving and it move in same circle but you have to travel ahead and left Pluto behind. Mean never follow a simple thought or single belief that you write in that circle and become bound, get yourself free to write from any angle to cover any circle.
10.Read what you thought and Wrote
Reading is a good effort that what you wrote your own words you have to read it before submitting for publishing or consulting with your beloved. Because many times I read my own articles I found mistakes myself, there may be mistakes of words , sentences and others.
May be some people disagree with above points but as being I wrote I shared my experience that what are the tips for basic writers that to follow for a good writer, rather I am not a one of the great writer or an author but I believe in myself and what I follow I shared.