Assalaaam o alai kum all ,

Here i m coming up with the most most important but neglected topic,


That is what is the right decession for our youngsters and at what time should we take the decession for their batterment that they dont astry wheither in enducation field or in their personals life actually we all dont give them the righous guidance or some times we dont have metual understanding with them as for as my conscern ist of all , we need to keep an eye on their socials life and personal even spritual life too and try to bit by bit communicate with them on all these see their interest and guide them also at the time of their ninth means teenage where their minds & genetics are being changed try to be friend them at that priod it is most important but its our unfortunity that we neglect them at this priod and at the passage of time we have to face rudeness arrogance and lots of anger from them just bcz of this our society every year faces lots of failuiers and terrorism.