The world is always surrounded by binary opposition of every thing such as, day/night, life/death, happiness/laments and Failure and success that really influence and mould human thoughts in different domains.

What happens to us usually is that we get influenced in a negative way having a pessimestic approach and just move on with the flow of time without thinking of bringing out any changes in our life. We do not have a firm determination to achieve our goals and objectives and to transform our conditions in a better state. It happens to us and there is a reason behind it. The reason is that we have a fear of failure before attempting . We are scared of taking a single step forward to change our selves. This is the fear of rejection or failure that lead us to the pessimism rather than to optimism. But that ia not called the real life. That is not the spirit of true human being of Allah Almighty.

What we have to do is to eradicate all such fears and pessimist approaches and ought to prove ourselves as a true believers of Allah. The fear of failure is greater than the fear it self. Tell your heart that this world miseries, pains, happiness, ups and downs ,possessions, property are all governed by the only one Allah Almighty.

Do not let your fears to rule upon you or else you will not be able to listen your heart and when you will not be able to listen your heart, you will not be able to recognize Allah Almighty. So, what needs to be happened is the true Faith on Allah and be determinant always in order to have a succesful life. This is the only way through which we can ease, change our thoughts and life and take a step on toward optimism and prosperity, which are also integrated by Allah Almighty only.

Sajid Ali....