It is much easier to highlight social issues and ongoing political situations than to come up with a real solution... I feel exasperated on the mental approach of most of the people since social reforming needs enthusiastically charged way of writing and inspiring others in the adverse times of their lives filling them with hope and building up their perseverance... it's easier to criticise than to motivate! And so i choose a difficult path as always... dauntless of the consequences and determined enough to face many challenges if every individual takes care of his/her mindset and intellectual approach the social transformation is not far ahead. Sensitivity is not a disquality though it needs to be used in the right direction by understanding other's restrained problems. But nowadays it's perceived as projecting one's self and highlighting your viewpoint. Trillions of minds and the tremendous diversity of mindsets... we read newspapers almost all of us and feel dejected on hopeless news with nothing inspirational but within yourself lies the sweet seed of that beautiful feeling called inspiration... so talk about ideas, innovation, betterment and follow your unique approach than spreading hopelessness, frustation and ambiguity. Clarity of mind works like magic and purity of soul is even more wondrous! Slipping from one persepective to other I find the seed of love and devotion within myself and keep that flame burning bright despite of the discouragement by any kind of source. I need not show my highest educational level, my sharp intellect, My analytical mind, my strong family values, my caste, my family and much more as more than that I believe in the goodness of my soul and how my heart is filled with immense love for the creation of my Lord Allah (SWT). It all depends upon what you focus on and what you project through your written stuff! Safely live everyone!!! But never devoid yourself of compassion.