In our education system, we are not learning anything instead we are just cramming to pass through and get promoted. We are one of those people who keep on reading the material but don’t even think to understand the matter. From primary education to secondary education to higher education, we become more hollow people. No recognition of aptitude but only a bundle of degrees. Institutes and government need crammers not geniuses to keep their ranking on top. The intelligence of the person is measured only by how much he or she has scored out of the syllabus in the examinations. No one can show his creativity or skills, because that is out of the scope of cramming. His degree and language define his intellect but his thoughts and creativity don’t. I believe we need to think, what our education system is doing with our generation? What do they do with the child’s brain? Why are we still underdeveloped? If only cramming could take someone towards success, then definitely most of the creative people wouldn’t be dropouts. Last in totality, encourage creativity more instead of cramming.