I was a little down by the ups and downs of my life and actually there was no one for me to whom I thought i can share my feelings. One day i was sitting in my room alone doing nothing, then i saw some colors of my childhood in my drawer.Unconsciously, i took a paper and start drawing some line,some flowers and other random things on papers.After completing my drawing I smiled by looking at it and i feel a little bit lighter than my before self . Passing by days it became my habit and whenever i draw my emotions on paper it comforts me like my fellow.It was the start of waking up my inner painter and i made my first PAINTING . Now whenever i want to express my feelings and get some comfort i paint something . I think art is a gift for us people to survive in this heavy loaded life and as well paintings are .whenever you get stressed out from your life you can paint whats in your mind .you can show others your feelings with colora as, you are colouring your black and white life , decorating your life with colors.Even if you are not one who can paint you can also go to exhibitions of paintings and believe me you will find a new world in any art gallery where colors do talk . Stay happy and fill your life with beautiful colors of happiness.