The choices which we make are influenced at first from our mind. A car has a potential for one person but may not be for other. Choices are combination of our, wish, preferences, perception, taste and our own behavior, all driven by our thoughts. Not only in modern world influences are powerful than any other pressure or emotion then these days .Around we have social influences, peer pressure and generation acceptances, which makes and breaks our choices in our lives. The trend of advertisement is not new .Is advertisement is selling product? No. The common thing between Advertisement and our choices is the idea. That is the idea which generated the need for the product, yes it’s not actually the product which we want, it is the idea behind our purpose of the product or service which drives the need driven by our thoughts. So thoughts from our mind become our choices and to make our choices any type of influence turn that choice into demand, need or want. That is how we buy things and sell them too. As the belief is that beauty is a fair color. Different features for the smart phones are the factors for the choices. There are other many factors which influences our choices and somehow main purpose of the particular product or service remains far behind. Belief plays a vital role in our society for the confirmation or approval for the choice weather they are right or wrong. Family trends, friends, social groups and favorite personalities influences the decision. Such influence is an advertisement in its own structure. We get reviews, we get influenced by the idea of the favorite person associated with the same idea which is being advertised and trigger our decision to make such choices. As we are human beings we require a belief for the common idea, which we get from other people .That is how advertisements play with our minds and trigger our choices. Advertisement is not restricted to Television, magazines and ads but from other people importantly. Yes to make an afterward purchase advertisers bring big names from our society. Such as actors, politicians and celebrities. Hence Advertisements influence our raw thoughts from which we make our choices and influences approve our own choices so advertisements does influences our choices.