By Pirah Aijaz , Karachi

The most common sentence which we often hear is, “Time heals all wounds.” I’ve never been agreed to this in my life, because the only thing in your life is WILLPOWER which assists you in your dark. As, we are the part of this world, where dwelling places are restlessness, stress, pressure over the life’s circumstances, daily threats and the most important is overthinking, which is the root cause of all problems. In this way, we lose the strength and neglect the power of our WILL. In my opinion, it’s a powerful tool you have, which you can use for making some drastic changes in your life. Our big mistake is, we don’t consider our traits and value the unrealistic stuff just because of overthinking. It’s my core belief that, if a person falls and wants to stand again, it can be only possible by his/her own efforts and willpower. Keep it in your mind that, time is nothing, it can’t heal any kind of wound or remove scars. Only your willpower works for you at every step of your life. In fact, we all faces bitter experiences at some point. So, it’s a natural phenomenon in every individual’s life. Likewise, I also faced loads of troubles, and it was the time when everything seemed impossible in my life. In my worst phase, I learned that time can never mend or replace. It can never be your trusted friend. It will pass with its own fluency. So, the fact is, nobody will be with you forever, people always tease you, asks you several questions which might be frustrated you. But, don’t you worry, just think that, nothing remains forever so as that kind of people too. So, don’t care about them, focus on yourself and be your TONIC for living a relaxing and calm life. Remember that, nothing is difficult or impossible. Your efforts and strong faith on Almighty Allah can make everything possible in your life. It’s like a healing gift that strengthens you.

In the end, I want to tell you the lesson I learned in the days of gloom is, how to move on with your will power. And yes, I’m succeeded.

Here’s a message for my all fellow beings.

“Just be yourself and boost your will power, no matter what the situation is. When you feel like you have lost, just trust yourself because you are the only loyal friend of yours, nobody else can be.”