Art is subjective just like beauty is subjective. Every other person has a different view about every other piece of art. Therefore, you can say, art is something that stirs emotion in you. If you find some kind of personal connection to a piece of art, then you’ll find it more beautiful than any other art on the horizon. This makes up for the fact that all of the artists given here, have very different perspectives of art. Some find art which connects them to the real world directly, to be exquisite. While others find emotional attachment to abstract pieces of art. This phenomenon is the reason which majority of the times creates separation between the many categories of lovers of art.

To me personally, art is something that compliments the existence of something I experience in my daily life. Each passing day gives unique experience and you learn something new every day. Even if you don’t understand a piece of art at one time in your life, you might understand it later as humans are always learning from their past experiences.

For many people and partially me too, it’s called art if the artist got satisfaction and fulfillment after making it and if it satisfies the visual desires and passes satisfaction to the audience then it’s considered art by them too.

From what I have experienced, liking a piece of art depends upon the personal mindset, experiences and imagination of beholder rather than popular opinion.

For example, consider a case study where subject-1 lives in a rural area where the roads have usual potholes and cracks due to various reasons. He will be able to connect to an art-piece of a pothole in a much better way than another subject that lives in a regulated and international standard city where these potholes are close to non-existent. The personal experiences play a major role here. Subject-1 will connect deeply to the piece of art and because of his experience commuting on a road with potholes, he will have a mixture of emotions inside his brain. These include negligence of authorities, climate effects, heavy traffic routes going through the route and earthquakes. He will connect to multiple experiences all together which will induce a feeling of relatability in him. Looking at our subject-2 who is living a city-life where these incidents are rare, we experience something much more different. Subject-2 will not be able to relate to this piece of art in the same way subject-1 did. His emotions will be different. He might relate this art to political matters, maybe even religious matters. This will leave him confused and in a bind. Therefore, he might not like the piece of art.