Over the years, the medium and approach used to put forward art can change. But the main idea behind art remains the same. Art is used by the artist to deliver his feelings in visual mediums rather than vocal. Since long ago, art has been used to awaken a sense of perception in the audience. Pieces of art usually highlight important prospects of the lives of the artists. Therefore, we can say that time and time again, art has been used to convey a deeper meaning and emotion which is often not expressible face to face. 500 years ago, art was used to symbolize a new world as it became popular among the European culture. This was the renaissance period also known as the artistic “rebirth”. In contrast, 100 years ago was the period of early modern art which “symbolized” different aspects of life than the art from renaissance period. Today’s art is much more abstract. It projects a view into the future. Events like climate change are many a times depicted and art inclines us to prevent it from happening.