Lyari is evolving. There is a bright future ahead. I found this hope in a book naming “Lyari on the Rise”. “Pitiful is the Nation which has nothing to be proud of, except the past” Book starts with this quote and it summarizes the whole book. The book is written by a bright personality Umair Razzak.

The author is currently studying Masters in Literature at Benazir Bhutto University. He has been writing articles for the newspaper “Social Track”. Haalhawal, an online advocacy program, which was hosted by the author brilliantly. We congratulate him for launching a book at this young age while being a Master’s student.

The preface of the book is written by four renowned personalities, Mr. Muhammad Ramzan Baloch (Author), Mr. Abid Hussain Brohi (Social Activist), Mr. Akhter Baloch (Vice-Chancellor) and Waheed Noor (Poet). This book is a compilation of all articles which are previously published in Social Track.

The book contains 35 chapters. Each chapter introduces an activity in which you can find hero, hope, proud and also honor. Achievements are highlighted in various fields by Lyariites. All activities led us towards a peaceful environment and betterment of Lyari.

During the period of (Renaissance) 2015 to 2017, youth were engaged in a positive way. Activities were very well written which covered every aspect of social life. Book launching, Women empowerment, Music, Photography, Film and many more.

After reading this book, I felt that there is something missing. I would like to include the missing part. Nosach Films Academy conducted a Short Film making course namely “Hidden stories of Malir & Lyari” in 2016. 20 students each from Lyari and Malir.

They were trained by Industry experts with modern equipment. 8 shorts films were completed by 5 Students’ Groups independently. This is also an achievement. This one also deserved to be in the book.

Actually, this book is also an achievement by itself. I recommend all of you especially students to read the book in order to make your English better and to know the achievements of Lyari.