Nowadays, everyone in the world is isolated in their homes due to the prevention measures from COVID-19. In this situation, most of the people are killing their time by learning online courses, by posting and sharing their status on social media platforms, some are depressed that they are alone and the virus will kill them without telling others, but some are optimistic like me that one day we will win from fighting against the crisis. But this is a fact that after this situation, where the World Business will be a stand, how many people will be jobless and how their concerned government will face these challenges of economics.

I am jobless from 2016 and searching for a long time to adjust myself in offered careers. When I searched online to find an ad about career opportunities, I find that most of the jobs are putting us in a difficult situation, like scaling us in standards of qualification, skills, and experience and above all 'FRESH'. Sometimes, it reminds me 'Dracula' from Hammer Movies, He is also fond of fresh blood. Don't take it seriously.but it is true, the question is how a fresh graduate can be skilled and experienced. I remember those days when I was young and first interviewed, I was not confident to speak in English. but I did because, in 1990, there were very few people who can use Personal Computers which were IBM PC-AT. I have realized at that time, "skills are better than qualification"

This is the time, In Pakistan, we should focus on 'Remote Working' from home or Cafe, where high-speed internet is available. Companies should distinguish and separate these remote work job opportunities to work in the future and to prevent such lockdown situations. I am trying to work as a Freelancer to get work from a Freelance market (which is also a big demand of the time) where I am already skilled in graphic designing and also doing online courses from ''. Freelance work can be a contract base as a remote job for a specific client or it may be just one particular job. I want that, We all Pakistani should notice and make some space for remote working opportunities in Pakistan to help in the jobless situation.

"Make better PAKISTAN" by giving real jobs.not scams.