Essay writing services in the UK posted many blogs on the internet that highlighted the positive
impact of this bill upon the EU students. After Brexit, it was confirmed that there would be no
student loans given to EU students. In such circumstances many EU students who were looking
to apply in English universities for the 2020-2021 sessions, started looking for other options
other than UK. According to a research by the ‘Russell group’- that represents 24 top research
universities in UK, it was anticipated that there could be a reversal effect in the number of post
graduate students that UK has produced if Brexit becomes successful. In other words, Brexit
could mean an end to the tertiary earnings for the UK and induce a downward impact on its
educational standards. For this reason, the bill was introduced for the benefit of everyone; UK
and EU students. The importance of the entry of EU students was highlighted by the department
of education who reported that students coming in from the EU bring a lot of benefits to the
region of UK and play an important role towards the betterment of the economy.
EU and international students are at benefit; however, this bill could adversely affect the local
students in the UK. Since UK has announced for reduction in the fee for EU students this could
mean that large number of students would be attracted to study in the UK. There is a possibility
that there would be less opportunities and seats available for the local students at top universities
like ‘Oxford University’.
The Department of Education is expected to reduce the fee structure of all English universities.
There is an expected fall of 7500 pounds in the annual fee. Yet the Department of Education is
positive and passionate towards creating a better environment for students and to improve their
educational standards. The introduction of artificial intelligence in the field of education is still
awaited in UK. To conclude, this bill could bring a big change in UK’s economy at the most
uncertain time of Brexit, when its economy is going through a downfall.