When a baby is born, they dont have any flaws or bad intentions. They are pure as water but when they grow up, they started to develop many different personalities along with their good and bad habits. They start to learn and observe everything. This is where the main role of parents begin. When kid reaches to their teen phase, usually they start to find interest in long wrong roads. No matter what we say, that is wheere a person starts to mess up with their life choices and end up in that dark phase of life where thet feel lost,hopeless and worthless.


  • We need to be aware of every desicion we make. We need to be aware of what the consequences are of our decisions and we need to take responsibility of our life choices wheather it is good or bad
  • Set youre goals, try to push yourself out of youre comfort zone when you feel like you are done with everything. Keep on trying until you reache your destination. Be proud of it but make sure to also stay humble
  • Stand up for yourself if you feel like it is wrong in your point of view. Raise your voice for what is right,people eventually support and stand besides you
  • Spend time with your parents, you will see your reflection in them and learn from them how to control your desires and emotions.
  • Everyone is going through sometime that thet never speak about it. Try to console them, make them comfortable about their fllaws and help them to accept things.
  • Try to relax your soul and by that means pray and meditate your heart or mind.